Executive Board Responsibilities (Elected Positions)

  • President:  Set agenda and preside at all meetings of the organization, work closely with principal and board members to coordinate and carry out PTO activities.

    Vice President:  Serve in place of the president and assist board members as needed.

    Secretary:  Keep attendance and minutes at monthly PTO meetings, distribute minutes to the board and Pittsfield educational community.

    Treasurer:  Administer all financial activities of the PTO, including necessary tax and non-profit organization filings, maintain all permanent financial and tax records of the PTO, coordinate cash needs and cash handling at PTO functions, prepare all banking transactions, write checks for PTO expenditures, maintain cash-basis accounting records, reconcile bank accounts, report financial activities at PTO meetings.

    Fundraising Chair:  Coordinate fundraising activities, including announcements of activities, distribution and collection of fundraising materials and products to families. The Fundraising Chair(s) will make recommendations to the Board regarding future fundraising events and entry into contracts with specific companies.

    District PTO Council (PTOC) Representative:  To serve as a representative for Pittsfield Elementary at Ann Arbor Public Schools district PTO Council as well as reporting to Pittsfield PTO regarding PTOC.

    School Improvement Team (SIT) Representative:  Attend monthly School Improvement Team meetings and provide summary to PTO board.

Last Modified on April 20, 2017