•  What Do Children Learn in Fourth Grade? 

    Students reading  
    In language arts, students will… read a variety of fiction and non-fiction material independently with fluency and comprehension give personal responses to materials read share what they already know before reading and what new information has been learned after reading identify cause and effect relationships identify unique characteristics of story forms, such as mysteries, fantasies, and realistic fiction use all five stages of the writing process use a variety of writing forms, including descriptions, narratives, letters, and story problems vary the structural pattern, length, and complexity of sentences use reading, writing and speaking skills every day!

    In mathematics, students will… give the value of digits in numerals to hundred-millions • use successful strategies for adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers • quickly recall multiplication and division facts • use and explain strategies for solving multiplication and division number stories • compare and order fractions • use a calculator to rename any fraction as a decimal or percent • convert between metric measures • find the area and perimeter of a polygon • use a protractor to measure and draw angles.

    In science, including Project Lead the Way, students will use, construct, and reflect on scientific knowledge through hands-on units of Input/Output: Computer Systems, Energy, Surf's Up (waves), Built for Survival (plants and animals), and Big Blue Marble (our Earth).   In these units, students will… learn to classify, observe, experiment, compare and contrast, report and explain generate questions about the world based on observation develop solutions to problems through reasoning observe and investigate manipulate simple devices that aid in observation and data collection develop strategies and skills for information gathering develop an awareness of the need for evidence in making decisions scientifically.

    In social studies, students will learn about the regions of the United States, studying… civics history geography economics public discourse citizen involvement.

    Fourth graders also have instruction in art, health, information literacy and technology (through media), music, physical education, theater, and world languages.

    All this…and a whole lot more!