Registration / Pay to Participate

    In order to be eligible for an after school sport, you must complete and adhere to the following:

    Introduction to the Co-Curricular Program

    Forsythe is known as the "Home of the VIKINGS.” We are proud of the athletic and academic performance of our Forsythe student-athletes. Our sports programs rank with the best in participation, academic support, personal growth, and reputation for sportsmanship.
    Middle school interscholastic sports are divided into five seasons, as shown below.

    • ATHLETIC TEAMS practice/play 3-4-5 times per week, may have cuts (depending on the team number limitations and the number of eligible student-athletes who come out for each team) and are subject to the athletic and academic eligibility rules. 
    • SPORTS TEAMS practice/play 2 times per week and have no cuts and are also subject to the athletic and academic eligibility rules.
    We encourage all Forsythe students to come out for any team they are interested in joining. Student-athletes must attend the first week of practices and have all of their paperwork completed to be eligible to participate on EITHER ATHLETIC OR SPORTS TEAMS. Students-athletes who do not make an ATHLETIC TEAM may choose to play on a SPORTS TEAM in the same sport (if available) or may join another team in a different sport.

    As students consider participating in sports with their parent(s) or guardian, they must understand the commitment that they will be expected to make when they decide to try out for a team. Students who come out for teams must make them their first priority for after school time. Players will be expected to attend all practices and games. This is especially important on ATHLETIC TEAMS where other student-athletes may have to be cut. Only health, academic concerns, and family emergencies will be accepted as excuses from schedule practices and games. This expectation is spelled out in the Ann Arbor Public Schools and Forsythe Middle School Athletic Policies.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email Forsythe Athletic Director,

    Deborah Weid at 994-1985 ext.32412 or weidd@aaps.k12.mi.us regarding ATHLETIC TEAMS, and SPORTS TEAMS.

    Academic Eligibility

    Dear Forsythe Parents and Student-Athletes,
    Below is an explanation of the AAPS Policy on ACADEMIC ELIGIBILITY. Please read the statements carefully and make sure that your child understands how they apply to their participation in the Forsythe Athletic/Sports Program. After reading these policies, both the student-athlete and a parent must sign the front of the appropriate section of the ATHLETICS FORMS SIGNATURE SHEET (#1). RETAIN THIS SHEET FOR YOUR REFERENCE. If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact Deborah Weid at Forsythe (994-1985).

    The Middle School Co-Curricular activities program will require the following academic eligibility in All Tier D  > (track, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, field hockey, and wrestling)  and Tier C > 6th-7th & 8th graders (swim team, synchronized team, cross country & 6th-track & wrestling) and Tier B > all IM Sports programs that meet two times per week.
    (A)  Each fall, every student is automatically eligible to begin a SEASON ONE sport. 
    (B)  To be eligible for SEASONS TWO THROUGH FIVE, a student must have 60% or higher in 5 out of 6 classes at the BEGINNING OF THE SEASON.
    Current Grades at the beginning of each season and mid-season point will be used to determine this eligibility.


    (C)  Following academic mid-season grades in each season, a check will be made of every student-athlete's academic performance. If a student-athlete is failing more than one class, he or she will become ineligible.

    Current Grades at the beginning of each season and mid-season point will be used to determine this eligibility.
    (D)  Students who become ineligible at the Mid-Season check may not practice or play for a minimum of ONE WEEK until they have

    60% or higher in 5 out of 6 classes.

    (E)  Students who receive Special Education Services may be exempted from these standards if stated in their respective Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.)

    However, it is the responsibility of the student-athlete and his/her parents to monitor his/her academic progress to be eligible to start the season and to remain eligible during the season.

    Athletic Policies

    Athletic participation at Forsythe is a privilege. When a student choses to participate in athletics, he/she voluntarily elects a course of self-control and self-discipline that is part of team membership. The school district provides facilities, coaching, transportation and equipment. The school can, accordingly, revoke or restrict the privilege of participation if a student-athlete fails to live up to expectations and standards as outlined below.
    1.  Participation in both the sports scene and the street scene is impossible. You must make a choice. Any student-athlete involved with smoking tobacco, chewing tobacco or snuff, alcohol, drugs, larceny, physical assault, vandalism or attending parties/events where such activities are happening will be immediately suspended from the squad. The athlete may appeal a suspension through the Athletic Director to the Principal/ Assist. Principal. A decision on reinstatement will be made by the Principal/Assist. Principal, Athletic Director and coach after all aspects and circumstances regarding the case have been considered.

    1. The usual penalty for a first time violation is a suspension from the squad's next contest of or day of competition.
    2. The usual penalty for a second violation is suspension for the remainder of the season.
    3. While on school grounds both during and outside of regular school hours and while participating in and/or attending school sponsored activities which may be conducted off of school grounds, the student athlete is also subject to the Ann Arbor Public School Discipline Policy with regard to the above activities.
    4. A student-athlete may appeal the Building Administrator's decision via the "Fair Treatment Policy".
    2.  Regular and punctual attendance in all classes is required. To be eligible to attend and participate in a practice or to play in a contest, an athlete must attend all scheduled classes on that day. Any exceptions must be arranged with the coach or Athletic Director in advance.

        Team members enrolled in a physical education class are expected to attend the class regularly, to dress for activity and to participate fully in the course. Failure to participate in P.E. class will be considered the same as non attendance.
    3.  Athletes are financially responsible for all school equipment issued them (including losses due to theft).
    4.  A student-athlete in unauthorized possession of an item of school equipment (our own or any other school's) will be immediately suspended from athletics. An athlete may appeal the suspension to the Principal/ Assist. Principal.
    5.  School Related / Classroom or on Campus Behavior: Violation of Expectations
    Any student-athlete who receives an Forsythe Student VOEs (Violation of Expectations) that accumulate to the Honor level of level 3 or level 4 will not be allowed to practice, participate, or attend Game(s), Match(es) and or Meet(s) (Competition) during this time period until the student-athlete moves back to honor level 1 or level 2.

    The student-athlete may not practice during the suspended time period when they are at level 3 or 4.
    If tryouts occur when the student is at Honor level 3 or 4 they may tryout, but only with a parent/guardian present during tryouts.
     Please note: All other Athletic discipline policies apply.
    6.  Student-athletes are expected to attend all practices unless excused in writing by their parents. Student-athletes may be excused for medical appointments, family needs, academic concerns, illness or injury. Student-athletes who participate on non-school teams must attend Forsythe team practices first. Student-athlete MAY NOT substitute practices with other teams or squads for Forsythe practices. Forsythe coaches will be turning in practice attendance to the Athletic Director each week.

          Students who miss a practice for an unexcused reason will be suspended for the next game. They are expected to continue to practice and travel with the team. Students who miss a second practice for an unexcused reason will be suspended from the next three games. They are expected to continue to practice and travel with the team. Students who miss a third practice for an unexcused reason will be removed from the team.

    7.  Student-athletes are frequently involved in multiple school activities. If a conflict in events occurs which requires the student-athlete to be in two places at the same time, the athlete should notify the coach and the director of the other activity as soon as possible. The student-athlete is not in jeopardy during the resolution of the conflict.
    8.  Athletes must demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times, including: accepting decisions of officials without question; refraining from abusive remarks directed towards opponents, officials or team members; exercising self-control and fair play during a contest; following both the letter and the spirit of the rules: condemning acts of unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of teammates or spectators. An athlete who commits an act of flagrant unsportsmanlike conduct will be suspended from the squad. An athlete may appeal the suspension through the Athletic Director to the Building Principal.
    9.  The Forsythe coaches, administrators, and medical support staff make every reasonable effort to insure the physical safety of our student-athletes; however, parents and students must recognize that an element of risk is inherent in interscholastic sports competition and that the possibility of injury cannot be entirely eliminated from the program.

    After School and Late Practice Policies

    Because of the demands on student-athletes during their sports seasons, we have found that they are often limited in the time available for schoolwork and in their opportunities to get tutorial help. In order to maintain and improve each student-athlete’s academic standing, the Athletic Department coordinates after-school time with teachers and Homework Center programs to provide additional opportunities for homework completion and academic assistance. We want our student-athletes to recognize that academics come first and are top priority for serious athletes.
    Forsythe Athletic team practices will begin at a variety of times due to our facilities and the need to share times with the SPORTS (Intramural) program. On many days this will allow time for student-athletes to meet with individual teachers or attend the Homework Center (subject to Homework Center days of availability).

    Fall and spring season
    Most practices will begin right after school. Student-athletes are expected to be out of the halls and at practice by 3:20pm.

    Winter season

    Practices are staggered to in order to fit all of our teams and programs into our gym space. Starting practice times range from 3:10 to 5:45pm.  
    Student-Athletes whose practices begin AFTER 4:15 are EXPECTED TO GO HOME AND COME BACK for scheduled late practices unless other arrangements are approved by the Co-Curricular Director.
    The school is responsible for student-athletes between the time school gets out and early practices. Student-athletes are expected to be with an adult supervisor during this time period.

    After school options to cover the time between the end of school and the beginning of practices:
    1. Time with individual teachers & coaches. Student-athletes will need a note from their teacher to indicate that they were with that teacher.
    2. Homework Center. Student-athletes must sign in at the Homework Center. They will be allowed to leave at designated times for practices. A STUDENT-ATHLETE WHOSE BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS RESULT IN BEING REMOVED FROM HOMEWORK CENTER WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PRACTICE THAT DAY. The absence will be treated as unexcused and the student-athlete will lose the privilege of using the Homework center. 

    3. Clubs, organizations, and special interest activities: A signed note from the activity supervisor or prior agreement with the coach is required.
    4. Designated supervised location communicated by the coach or CCD.
    Student-athletes are expected to be out of the halls and into one of the above locations BY 3:00pm
    Each student-athlete will be expected to be at one of the above activities from 3:00pm until practice time. Fifteen (15) minutes will be allowed for changing in the locker rooms. At the designated practice time, student-athletes must be at the practice site and prepared to begin practice.

    During this time students MAY NOT: 

    1. Be in the hallways, outside the building, at their lockers or in the locker rooms without a pass. Students wandering the halls will NOT BE ALLOWED TO PRACTICE.

    2. Leave school grounds to go to the store, friend’s homes or nearby parks. (PARENTS MAY EXCUSE THEIR CHILD TO THEIR HOME BY WRITTEN REQUEST).

    Game Information for Parents

    Welcome to Forsythe Athletics! We are proud to have your student-athlete participating on one of this year's teams and we hope that both you and your child will enjoy the experience. This letter is intended to provide parents with information about CONTESTS, GAME DAYS, GAME PROCEDURES, PLAYER EXPECTATIONS and PARENT PARTICIPATION. We ask that you go over this information before our first games.
    1)   GAME & PRACTICE SCHEDULE  You should receive a copy of the game & practice schedule. Coaches have extra copies if you need an additional schedule.
    IN GENERAL, games begin at 4:15 p.m., both home and away. Student-athletes are expected to be with the team from immediately after school until the end of game activities (including post game team meetings and clean up).
    Buses for AWAY GAMES leave from the South Side (doors) of the building. Teams are allowed at least a 10 minute warm-up at Away Games.
    2)   GAME LENGTH  Both Soccer and Field Hockey play 15 minute quarters, Basketball play 8 minute quarters, with a 10 minute half time and one minute between quarters. This means that our game usually finish sometime between 5:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Occasionally due to weather, game or bus conditions we may run past 6:00 p.m.. For AWAY GAMES, this means we may not be back to Forsythe before 6:30 on some nights.
    3)   AWAY BUS EXPECTATIONS  Student-athletes are expected to ride the bus to GAMES with the team. Special exceptions can be made in getting team members to AWAY GAMES, but arrangements should be made beforehand when possible.
    Players must have a ride home from Away games.

    1)   The student-athlete's parent is present BEFORE the bus leaves. For obvious reasons, we cannot leave a team member at an Away Site to wait for a parent.  
    2)   The coach must release the student-athlete directly to the parent. Please wait for an appropriate time and have your player introduce you to the coach. He/she can then dismiss your child.

    3)   Players MAY NOT ride with anyone other than a PARENT, unless we have WRITTEN approval from a parent stating that their player has permission to travel with another SPECIFIC adult. Please help us handle this liability situation by providing the necessary note if you wish your child to ride home with someone else.

    Student-athlete behavior on bus trips is subject to the same rules, regulations and guidelines that are in effect for all school hours, events and activities.
         A. The usual penalty for a first-time violation is a suspension from the squad's next contest or day of competition.
         B. The usual penalty for a second violation is a suspension from the squad's next three contests or day's of competition.

         C. The usual penalty for a third violation is a suspension for the remainder of the season.
    4)   PLAYING TIME RULES  The Middle School Program has specifics rules about playing time for team members. Forsythe coaches are expected to (and are GREAT about) getting everybody in at least the minimum playing time depending on each sport participation requirements - refer to Head Coach.  
    All players must participate for the MINIMUM TIME unless:

         a)   He/She is unable to participate due to an injury. 
         b)   He/She is eliminated from participation by the game rules.
         c)   He/She is in violation of written team or program rules which have been approved by the Athletic Director.

         d)   He/She is ineligible according to the Ann Arbor Public School Eligibility Policy for that contest.
         If you have questions about the playing time rules or playing time for your student-athlete, please feel free to discuss your concerns with the coach at an appropriate time (please not during games).
    5)   PLAYER EXPECTATIONS  Forsythe student-athletes are expected to be ACTIVE participants in their games whether in the game or on the bench. They are expected to:

         1)   STAY ON THE BENCH when not playing -- especially at AWAY GAMES. Coaches cannot properly supervise players who wander away from the game site. 
          2)   CHEER IN AN APPROPRIATE MANNER for the Forsythe team. We do not allow negative cheers or comments that demean or belittle our opposition. We love the enthusiasm our kids bring to their games and we want them to use it in a sportspersonlike manner.

          3)   REFRAIN FROM CONVERSATIONS with non players. Team members are to be focused on the game. Student-athletes can't effectively be part of the team when they are talking with friends/fans/ parents during the course of the game. 
          4)   REMAIN AFTER THE GAME for team meetings and clean up. Coaches will expect that players include time AFTER games for short team meetings and CLEAN UP of the field and bench areas.

    5) BE THE MOST SPORTSPERSON LIKE players and teams in the city. We simply expect it! 

         Parents can help by reminding student-athletes that they have responsibilities to the team, their
    teammates and the Forsythe Athletic program’s reputation that take priority during game times.

         1.   COME TO THE GAMES.  We want you here to support our teams. Even though players sometimes express reluctance about having parents at games, they really do enjoy the support. We know how difficult schedules can be, just know that you are welcome and appreciated at our games. 
         2)   ALLOW THE PLAYERS TO FOCUS ON THE GAME. We ask that parents, fans and friends of the players remain away from the bench area. It's easier for players to stay in the game if they don't have distractions. Of course, if you have an urgent need to speak to your student-athlete, please approach the bench, it's also nice to just let the coach know why you're there and what's going on.

         3)   ALLOW THE COACHES TO COACH. Just as in the classroom, managing 20-30 student-athletes demands the attention of the coach. Games (and practices) are the teaching stations of our coaches and they need to be able to work with the student-athletes without unnecessary interruptions.

         4)   ALLOW OUR GAME OFFICIALS TO OFFICIATE. We try to hire the best officials we can find and we work with them on both officiating and working with Middle School student-athletes. We would prefer that we not have parents criticizing officials and calls during the game. We ask student-athletes to maintain a high level of sportspersonship and it's hard for them to see that as a priority if adults don't also remain positive.

          5)   ALLOW THE STUDENT-ATHLETES TO PLAY THE GAME AS THEIR OWN. Cheer as loudly as you like, we simply ask that you remain positive toward our players, our opponents, the coaches, officials and even the other team's fans. We have informed our players that we will not always experience the most sportspersonlike behavior from our opposition and their fans. They know that we always expect great behavior from Forsythe players.
              We have also found that it is very hard on players to have parents "coaching" during the game. Putting players in the position of listening to a parent give playing instructions while playing under the direction of a coach is unfair to their focus, their coach and the team. We certainly encourage you to work with your player and talk his/her coach about ways you can assist. We ask that you do this outside of game and practice time.
         In addition to the coaches and officials, all Middle School games have site supervisors to provide assistance, crowd control and to handle problems. At Forsythe, this person is usually the Co-Curricular Director, Deborah Weid at AWAY GAMES, Forsythe coaches should be able to tell you who is supervising at that school. Please feel comfortable talking to these supervisors about questions and concerns on game days.
         Players in the Forsythe Athletic Program are supervised by the individual team coaches. The overall program, players, coaches, games, and facilities are supervised by the Co-Curricular Director.
         Parents should feel free to approach coaches with questions, concerns and issues related to their child's participation. We ask that you talk to the coach at an appropriate time as the first step in dealing with problems and suggestions.
    All program concerns may also be directed to Deborah Weid, the Co-Curricular Director either at the game site or at Forsythe - 994-1985 ext. 32412 or by email at weidd@aaps.k12.mi.us 
    We welcome your comments and suggestions in our efforts to continue to provide the best Middle School Athletic Program in the city. Please let us know how we can make our program a great experience for Forsythe student-athletes.

    Forsythe Parents' Code of Ethics for Athletic Contests

    I promise to support the goals of Forsythe Athletics, which include teaching student athletes to work cooperatively and develop self-esteem through sports, to develop sports skills, to conduct themselves as great sports persons and above all to have fun. Furthermore, I understand that as a spectator if my conduct or language is deemed to be unsportsmanlike by the site supervisor, game official or Athletic Director, I may be asked to leave the playing site. I understand that Forsythe Athletic personnel have the power to delay or suspend games if necessary to enforce appropriate sportsmanship by parents and other spectators.