Frequently Asked PTSO Questions

  • Thank you for taking on the responsibility of chairing an event or activity for the Logan PTSO this year. As you prepare for your role, you may have questions about how to do your job. Please feel free to reach out to the PTSO President or Vice Presidents at any time. We’ve tried to answer some commonly asked questions in anticipation of your needs, below.  

    Q:        Are there other volunteers who have expressed an interest in working on this activity?

    At the end of September, we will have lists of volunteers for remaining events available for you.  Please ask the Volunteer Coordinator for this information as we get closer to your event. You can then contact people directly to ask for their help. For those who are running larger events, we suggest that you have a few meetings with your team members prior to the event to share the responsibilities. 

    Q:        How do I figure out what I am supposed to do?  Are there any notes from past years?

    For many events we do have either documents or binders outlining what’s been done in the past.  Members of the PTO leadership team can also talk with you about your activity. Please let us know if you need some guidance. 

     Q:        How do I let the Logan community know about my event / activity?

    We have a number of ways to get the word out about events and activities run through PTSO, as follows: The eBackpack, is our community newsletter and come out weekly. If you would like to include information in the eBackpack, please send it to our communications coordinator (

    • The PTSO website is customizable for each event, with notice of a few days before you want to the changes to appear.  Please contact our secretary or webmaster to request changes to your event’s website. 
    • The PTSO has access to an all-school email list and can send 1-2 messages for your activity / event as needed.  You can create a Google doc sign-up list if you need help from volunteers to include as a link.  Please send your draft message to our secretary a day or two before you want it to be sent.  Our experience is that it is better to send out messages Monday-Thursday than over the weekend.
    • Room parents can be a helpful resource for getting the word out to the classrooms.  If you would like to ask the room parents to send a message to the families in their classes, please contact our secretary or communications coordinator to ask her to pass along the request.
    • For some events, sending home a flyer in the Friday folders can be a good recruiting tool.  Please do note that flyers are fairly expensive so we ask you to limit your use of this tool.  We have access to the copy machines at the school, but will be billed for use and need to use our own paper.
    • Copied fliers must be in the teachers mailboxes by Thursday morning to be included in that weeks Friday folders. We have approximately 325 students at Logan this year.As the cost of copying is high, please keep to black and white either on white or colored paper.  If you can do a half-page, that would be great.
    • Logan gets money each time PTO Thrift Shop ad (view here: PTO Thrift Shop 5x7 Advertisement) is used on the back of a full-page flier. Please include this ad on the back of any full-page flyer and email a copy of your flyer to our Fundraising Coordinator (Christina Shinksky, with the number of copies sent out to our students so we get credit for advertising. 

    Q:        Who approves expenditures for my activity / event?  What is my budget?

    Each event either has an associated cost or anticipated revenue in our budget.  Please refer to the PTSO budget or ask our treasurer for information on past expenditures. Our budget is somewhat tight, so we do ask that you keep to your allocated budget. If you need more money, please ask before spending it and if the amount is above the line item in our budget, it will need to be approved by vote at a PTSO meeting.

    Q:        I’ve spent some money on supplies.  How do I get reimbursed?

    Please submit your receipts to the treasurer ( Aron Butler, along with a funding request/reimbursement form, which can be found on the Logan PTSO forms page