• What do students do as artists?

    Envision, develop, craft, stretch and explore, engage and persist, express, reflect and seek to understand the art world.

    The whole basis of choice-based art is having students develop an understanding of how artists work. Students are recognized as artists and provided a studio in which to do their work. Each unique, individual path toward creative and artistic growth is honored and supported. I will highlight some of the work our Lakewood students create in this section.

    Students in grades 3-5 have art journals. Lessons are given and completed in the journal but it also serves as a form of recording their artistic growth. Students are given opportunities to draw and create their own ideas. There is a designer in all of us, and this is a beginning place to sketch ideas for their creative endeavors. Journals are given in 3rd grade and remain with the student until they leave Lakewood in 5th grade. It becomes a wonderful collection of work!