Behavior Intervention

  • The Intervention Specialist (IS) Program was established by Ann Arbor Public Schools in 2013 to improve students' overall academic success.  The IS team uses a holistic approach to child development, which includes positive behavior support, management and restorative practices. In addition to a wide range of academic support services, students are provided opportunities to engage in their communities, explore career options, and work in teams to solve problems effectively.

    The Intervention Specialists provide interventions and strategies to students to give them the skills and tools to increase positive appropriate behavior.

    Edward Broom: Angell, Allen, King, Logan, Thurston
    Brian Buchanan: Bach, Burns, Dicken, Eberwhite, Lawton
    Samantha Cucu: Abbot, Wines, Haisley, Lakewood
    Brian Dickerson: Carpenter, Mitchell, Pattengill, Bryant, Pittsfield
    Dante Dorsey: Slauson Middle School
    Courtney Vanderbilt: Tappan Middle School
    Jeffrey Nzoma, Clague Middle School
    Kristin Floyd: Forsythe Middle School
    Harold Wimberly: Scarlett Middle School
    Marquin Parks: Pioneer High School
    Michael Brown: Skyline High School
    Pamela Tooson: Huron High