District Support Team

  • The District Support Team provides behavioral support to all schools preK-12. They are available upon following the referral process (this information is found on the staff section of the SISS website under the District Support for Behavior tab). The team brings a vast amount of expertise, knowledge and understanding about behavior intervention and strategies. They also provide modeling to show how to implement interventions and strategies in the classroom or for individual students.  Our District Support Team includes our board certified behavior analyst and the Washtenaw Intermediate School District consultants. Contact our office at 734-994-2318 or via email listed below.

    Jen Barnes, Hi Incidence Teacher Consultant
    Erika Cech, ASD Teacher Consultant
    Jacqui Coluccy, Teacher/Behavior Consultant Serving Elementary Schools 
    Andrea Hayes, Teacher/Behavior Consultant Serving Middle Schools 
    Vicky James, Board Certified Behavior Analyst
    Jessica Lucke, CI Teacher Consultant
    Angela Warr, District School Social Worker
    Christina West, Teacher/Behavior Consultant Serving High Schools