Kindergarten with Carlson

  • We finished week three and have NWEA testing under our belt.  We conitnue to work on routine and getting to know each other.  I look forward to curriculum night where I can share about our year and expectations. Together we can begin to build a partnership for the success of your children. Please email me with what questions you have.


  • 10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

    Posted by Stephanie Carlson on 8/14/2018


    1. Read books everyday.

    2. Develop fine motor skills: holding a pencil, coloring, cutting with scissors.

    3. Print first name with only the first letter capitalized.

    4. Learn to follow 2-step instructions: “Please go get your shoes and then put them on.

    5. Use good manners: “Please” and “Thank You”

    6. Talk about social skills: sharing, taking turns, positive words, talk about handling anger.

    7. Help your child take responsibility: clean up messes, dress themselves, get their own snacks.

    8. Practice number recognition: Count objects daily.

    9. Practice letter and sound recognition. Practice saying the letters and their sounds every day.

    10. Build self-esteem. Praise your child often because Kindergarten is hard!


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  • Outside our classroom is our classroom giving tree.  This treee has supplies that we can always use in the class, please help out if you can!

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  • Snack for the first TWO weeks of school may only consist of fruits and vegatables. This allows time for all allergies to be addressed. Please send your child with the appropriate snack for the first two weeks of school.  Information about our regular snack routine will be coming during the first two weeks of school.

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