• You Wouldn't Want to Be by Thomas

    Posted by JACLYN ROSS on 4/27/2016

    In reading our class is starting a new genre dubbed as, Humorous Non-Fiction. The series we are reading is called You Wouldn't Want to Be..... series.  Some of the titles are: You Wouldn't Want to be a Civil War Soldier, You Wouldn't Want to be a Greek Athlete, You Wouldn't Want to work on the Statue of Liberty.  There is truth, but also humor in these books.


    After reading our books, we take notes focusing on our senses to infer what it might be like to live during that time period.  We turn our notes into phrases like; I smell, I hear, I see, I hope and finally present it to our classmates.  So much fun!


    You wouldn't...

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  • The Book Hunt

    Posted by JACLYN ROSS on 4/4/2016 7:00:00 PM

     The Book Scavenger


    Hello Mrs. Ross’ class,

    In honor of the book Mrs. Ross is reading to our class, Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman we, the tech team, wanted to hide a book in our classroom to start our own Book Scavenger challenge. The blog will host the cipher code needed to help you uncover a clue. The clue reveals the hidden spot in our classroom where you will find the book.  

    Mirroring the book, follow these steps,

    1. Use the cipher code to uncover a clue.  

    2. Find the book.

    3. Read it.   

    4. Leave your calling card in the book, by writing five adjectives about the book in the book and on the blog. Those are your bragging rights.      

    5. You get to hide the next book and share the clue on the blog. You get choose the spot, create a new cipher code or use the one we made.



    a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u w x y z

    z y x w u t s r q p o n m l k j i h g f e d c b a


    THE CLUE:     Drum  ble jozb toeh xkhmuhg, qf qg xkhmuh frhuu.


    Remember, Garrison Griswold said, "Life is a game, and books are the tokens." 


    Audrey, Congratulations!   You are the first to solve the clue and now it is up to you.  Choose a book, choose your cipher code, transcribe the clue and hide a book of your choosing. The title of the book she found was The Hotel Thief, a Sammy Key's story. 

    Audrey has hidden a new book in the classroom. Her cipher code is mixed into the two sentences below.  Focus on the first letter of each word to make a word.  Good Luck!


    Nina Eats Apples Rarely.

    Mary and Isa Need Eggs.

    Congratulations Patrick! You are the first to solve Audrey's clue and now it is up to you.  


    Patrick has hidden a new book in the classroom.  This is Patrick's cipher code and clue.  Good Luck!






     Congratulations Cameron! You are the first to solve Patrick's clue and now it is up to you. 


    Cameron has hidden a new book in the classroom.  This is Cameron's cipher code and clue.  Good Luck!

    a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
    z a b y x c d w v e f u t g h s r i j q p k l o n m
    Cvgy Qwx Jwxuc Pgyei Qwx Uvaizin Bhtpqxi
    Congratulations TY! You are the first to solve Cameron's clues and now it is up to you.
    TY has hidden a new book in the classroom.  This is TY's cipher code and clue.  Good Luck!
    Congratulation Madhav! You are the first to solve TY's clues and now it is up to you. 
    Madhav has hidden a new book in the classroom.  This is Madhav's cipher code and clue.  Good Luck!
    Congratulations Cameron! You are the first to solve Madhav's clue and now it is up to you. 
      My cipher code is:
    a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
    m n b v c x z l k j h g f d s a p o i u y t r e w q
    Nclkdv ulc vkbc
    Congratulations TY! You are the first to solve Cameron's clues and now it is up to you.
    TY has hidden a new book in the classroom.  This is TY's cipher code and clue.  Good Luck!
    Congratulations Patrick! You are the first to solve TY's clue and now it is up to you. 
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  • Mathematicians us the 7 Habits

    Posted by JACLYN ROSS on 2/9/2016 11:00:00 AM

    Yesterday was a fabulous day for our fourth graders.  Everyone had a chance to shine.  The students displayed their leadership skills by teaching  parents how to play a variety of math multiplication games.  The games we taught our parents were, Multiplication Arrays, Multiplication Knock it Off, Multiplication Roll 'Em, Multiplication Square, Pathways and Fraction Slap it.  Practicing through games is a fun way to learn.  How do you practice your multiplication facts?

    Fraction Slap It     multiplication array     pathways


    Roll 'em     knock it off       fraction slap it

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  • Book Talks

    Posted by JACLYN ROSS on 1/31/2016

    Book Talks


    How do we spread excitement about what we are reading? One way is through a book talk. If you use use the analogy of a movie trailer, and connect it to the purpose of a book talk you can see it is to "sell" the book. The recipe is easy.

    First, read the book of course! Find a passage from the story to highlight author’s style.

    Add a brief summary using the template; somebody…wanted… but… so. To help the audience understand the problem the character faces. Remember to never to give away the ending.

    Finally, end your book talk with questions that will surely be answered only if you read the book. 

    The main purpose of a book talk is to grab the audience's interest and make them want to read the book. Book talks are a great way to foster reading, writing, speaking and listening!

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  • 3-D Expeditions

    Posted by JACLYN ROSS on 12/19/2015



    Have you ever read something in a magazine and then had the opportunity to experience it? It is a magical experience when what you read comes to life. Just the other day, Scholastic News wrote an article, A New Kind of Field Trip, which explains how Google has created virtual field trips called Expeditions.


    Scholastic shares the details of how it works.                 

       “Google supplies schools with cardboard viewfinders and smartphones that give students 3 –D panoramic views of the places there are visiting. The teacher leads the tour using software that runs on a tablet. “ (Scholastic News, 2015)


    Last Thursday, Google provided a free and unique experience for all of our 2nd through 5th graders. Our class had short visits to, the Great Wall of China, Yosemite National Park, The Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Caribbean, Yellowstone, The Coral Reef, The Taj Mahal, the inside of a shark tank and the moon!


    Joie said, “It doesn’t take anytime to get to these places. Evie shared, “ I like that you could turn around and see everything behind, above, below and in front of you. Tyler added, “ With that type of advanced technology, who needs field trips!”


     "A New Kind of Field Trip." Scholastic News 23 Nov. 2015: 2. Web. 17 Dec. 2015.

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  • R is for Research

    Posted by JACLYN ROSS on 12/14/2015

    R is for Research

    For our Research Project we will be integrating health, reading, writing, and technology to create an ABC book created to inform. 

    ABC Books are written to present information in a unique and interesting format. As a class, we will publish our own ABC Book to teach others information about Health and how to stay healthy. The purpose of our book will be to convey information accurately, clearly, in an interesting format to teach younger students about living in a healthy way.

     A is for Assignment:

    For this project, you will be assigned (at random) a letter of the alphabet. Once you have been assigned a letter, you will begin the research process.

          1.You will need to research some aspect of Health that begins with the letter you have been assigned. This will become the focus of your project. If              you are assigned the Letter “H,” you cannot simply use the term Health. That is much too broad. Your topic should relate to keeping healthy or l                living in a healthy way. Finally, if you have a similar topic to a classmate, you must be sure you share new information.

    1. You will be responsible for an entire page in our class book. Your page must include a domain specific word, an image, and a paragraph about the topic you have chosen. Mrs. Ross must approve all topics before you begin your research.

    Q is for Question

       Where to begin? Begin with a question after you have your topic.

    • How would this information keep you healthy?
    • Why would I need to know this information?
    • What is important about this information?

    P is for Paragraph

    This is a HUGE part of your grade.

    1. Your paragraph must start with your letter of the alphabet and what the letter stands for, an example - Y is for Yoga
    2. Your paragraph must be at least 5 sentences.
    3. You must put the information into your own words; do not plagiarize.
    4. Write with complete sentences and of course capitals and periods.
    5. The goal is to inform.


    F is for Format

    After your draft  your paragraph, you will be able to access your Google Slide. We will use Jerry Pallotta’s The Beetle Alphabet book as a template. Each slide needs:

    1. The letter of the Alphabet must be a bold font
    2. The picture selected supports the meaning behind your message
    3. A colorful background that is pleasing to the eye
    4. The paragraph written somewhere on the page. 

    S is for Sources

    Once you have found your topic, you will need to begin collecting notes in your writer’s notebook. You are required to find information from at least two different sources before writing your paragraph. There are many different sources available to you, magazines, books, and of course the Internet.

    We will be citing our sources.

    I have located a few electronic sources to help you to get started, but there are many more.






    R is for Rubric

    We will use a rubric to evaluate our paragraphs and final product!

    P is for Presentation

    At the end of this project we will present to our first grade buddies. 

    C is for Cover

    If you are done early, you can work to create a title and cover for our class book. This will be submitted electronically. We will vote on the best cover.


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  • Vivacious Vocabuarly

    Posted by JACLYN ROSS on 12/5/2015

      One of my goals this year was to ensure the integration of vocabulary was interwoven everyday so our kiddos are always paying attention to language and its nuances. Therefore, I introduce our young scholars to words that appear with high frequency across a variety of subject areas as well as words related to specific areas of study, for example, science or math terms. We refer to these words as the Word of the Day! Each new word and definition is used throughout the day to signal transitions and is recorded in your child’s planner.

    After 25 words are introduced, we celebrate and affirm our knowledge on Wear A Word Day. On this day, each scholar is assigned one the 25 words to wear throughout the day. Not only do you have to know the meaning of your word, the challenge is to know meaning of everyone’s word.

    This new and improve way to integrate language has kept everyone on their toes. One of the benefits is when a student finds the Word of the Day in text or conversation and says, “Hey, Mrs. Ross that’s one of our Words of the Day!"

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  • Guess the Blogger

    Posted by JACLYN ROSS on 10/31/2015



    Thank you for taking the blogging challenge.  We had over 172 comments/guesses.  And now it is time to reveal the mystery  writers.  

    1. Joie                  2.Cameron                     3. Thomas                        4. Patrick                     5. Annie                          6. Anuj

    7. Jacob                8.  TY                            9. Emmeline                     10. Tyler                      11. Sam                          12. Nora

    13. Evie                14. Mohamed                  15. Evan                          16. Fatimah                 17. Medrick                     18. Eric

    19. Audrey            20. Nona                         21. Mia                           22. Keshav                   23. Jessica                       24. Madhav

    25. Izzy                26. Riley                          27. Kaidi


    To start our November Blog Challenge, each student was assigned a paragraph to post by November 4th, the start date. The paragraph is a self-introduction. However, no one knows when their paragraph will be posted and no names should be included so each introduction is a bit of a mystery. Hence the challenge!

    Why do a blog challenge?

    • Provide authentic reasons to write well because our audience is a public one.
    • Increase motivation to read and write.
    • Build student relationships as a result of sharing in meaningful ways.
    • Create a positive digital footprint.
    • Develop appropriate on-line etiquette.

    How does it work?

    1. Everyday in November, for 27 consecutive days, starting November 4th, the challenge is to try to guess the Blogger.
    2. Read the new paragraphs daily and search for clues you may know about your classmates.
    3. Enter your guess by clicking on the comment button under the post.
    4. Type the number, followed by your guess, and write your first name only followed by submit comment.
    5. If you don't see you comment right away, don't worry Mrs. Ross must approve it before it goes public. So remember your capital letters!
    6. Finally all of the names will be revealed at the end of the month.





    11/30   27. Hello I am 9 years old.  I can speak 2 languages. I do not play any sports. I do play the piano. I have 4 people in my family (including me). I am the  youngest child in my family. I have 5 fishes. I don’t have allergies. I was born in the University of Michigan. I had a success of making lemonade with 3 lemons!! My favorite place is Kalahari.  

    11/29   26. One of my favorite things to do are drawing and writing.  I only speak English. Also my favorite subjects are Science and Writing. I play basketball at Slauson and Pattengill. I don’t play any instruments yet, and 5 people live in my houses. I’m also in the middle of 3 children. I like that I'm the middle child because a lot of people depend on me. I don’t have any pets or allergies. I am also 9 years old and grew up in Livonia. One success I've had is graduating from the Pro-swim class in 2013. Also one of my favorite places I've visited is Myrtle Beach.  Who am I?

    11/28  25. I am a girl in this class who...does gymnastics and is learning how to play the ukulele.  My favorite food is sushi and my favorite dessert is chocolate cupcakes.  My my favorite book series right now is Harry Potter.  In nice weather, I love pulling weeds.  I like to play MineCraft and The Game of Life on my iPad.  I also like to play Memory Match games with my family.   Who am I?

    11/27  24.   Some of my favoirte hobbies are: playing Minecraft, playing soccer and creating artwork.  I am fluent in 2 languages, English and Hindi.  In school, I like writing, art, and math.  I also like to play soccer and a little bit of basketball.  I don't really play an instrument yet. There are 3 people in my family.  I am an only child.  I don't have any pets.  I am 9 years old.  One of my successes was when I first played Homework - o- opoly.  One of my favorite places to visit is St. Ignace.  Who am I?  

    11/26   23.  I was born in Michigan.  My favoirte hobbies are reading and drawing. I play soccer and piano.  I speak two languages, English and Chinese.  My favoirte subject in school is reading.  There are 3 other family memebers not including me.  Some of my favorite places  I have visited are Wyoming, China and New York.  Who am I?  

    11/25   22. Hello, I am nine years old.  I was born in England. I have one dog.  My favorite hobby is reading.  My favorite subject in school is Science.  I play football and like to wrestle.  I play piano and can speak two languages.  I have five pople in my family and I am the youngest.  I am allergic to pollen.  I have traveled to India.  Who am I?

     11/24  21.  My favorite hobbies are Arts and Crafts.  I only speak one language which is English.  My favoirte subjects in school are Math and Reading.  I have three people in my family.  I am the youngest child.  I like that I can tell on my older sister.  I was born in China.  I am 9 years old.  One success I had was trying and trying to convince my mom to get a dog.  My favorite place to visit is Frankenmuth. Who am I?

    11/23  20.  My favorite sport is basketball.  I only speak one language, English.  My favorite subject in school is math.  I have 5 people in my family and I am the youngest child. I have a pet.  My favorite place to visit is New York City.  I  was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I was born on the Year of the Dog.  Who am I?

    11/22  19.   My favorite hobbies include acting, building Lego sets, working on puzzles, and dancing. In school I love reading and writing. I play softball, field hockey, and tennis. There are four people in my family including me. I am the oldest. I have no pets. A success I have had is I completed three 5Ks. I have been to many places, but my favorite place was probably going to Lego Land.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

    11/21    18.  My favorite sport is soccer.   I can speak two langues, Chinese and English.  My favoirte subjects are math and reading.  I can play the piano.  I have 40 people in my extended family.  In my immediate family I am the middle child and the only boy.  I don't have any pets.  I was born in Aisa.  Who am I?

     11/20    17.  My favorite hobbies are playing football and basketball. I can speak 3 languages, English, Sign Language, and Spanish.  My favorite subject is math.  I have 10 people in my family.  I am the youngest child. I have a dog.  I was born in February.  Who am I?

    11/19     16.  My favorite hobbies are tennis, swimming, and soccer.   In the summer, I play tennis or soccer with my family.  One success I had was swimmng 6 feet without stopping. I do not play an instrument yet.  I have 7 people in my family including me.  I am the second oldest child.  What I like about being the second oldest is I don't have to do all of the work. I was born in Ann Arbor.  I don't have any allergies, but I don't cheese. I can speak 2 languages, English and Arabic.  My favoirt subjects in school are Art and Writing.  Who am I?

    11/18     15.  I have held a walking stick.There are four people in my family.  My favorite place to go is Tobermory, Canada (I've only been there once,                      though). Google Earth is one of my favorite things to do because I get to explore the world.  Who am I?

    11/17    14.  I like to play video games.  I can speak English and Arabic.  In school, I like math.  I have 4 people in my family.  I am not an only child, but I am an older brother.  It is fun to play with my little brother.  I am 9 years old.  I am doing good in school.  My favorite restaurant is IHop.  Who am I?

    11/16   13.  I have three siblings.  The sport that I play is called Lacrosse.  I am the youngest in my family.  I like being the youngest because if my family is playing a game, usually the youngest goes first.  I have run in 3 different races.  One was a mile and I finished in 7 minutes.  One was a 5K and I finished in 30 minutes.  The last one was another 5K and I finished in 24 minutes.  I have had 11 pets in my life, but not all the same kind and some are small. Who am I?

    11/15  12.   I am a girl.  All the girls on mom's side of the family equal the number of kids in our class.  I was not born in Ann Arbor.  I was born in a place far away.  I like to swim.  My favorite place was Mexico where I was able to swim a lot.  I love to be a part of Dens.  At home I like to play on Playstation with my brother.  Who am I? 

    11/14   11.  I really like tennis and jumping on trampolines.  My favorite hobbies are painting, writing, soccer, and running around at recess. I like to play sports.  Who am I?

    11/13 10.  I was born in March.  I took swimming lessons as a toddler and two years later started baseball.  When I turned six, I started playing hockey and I still play.  My favorite T.V. show is the Amazing World of Gumball. My favorite food is ribs. My favorite subject is Art. I have a younger sister.  Who am I?

    11/12  9. First, my favorit place to go is my grandparent's cabin on Cub Lake in Grayling. I was born in Ann Arbor in February.  The only language I can speek fluently is English.  My favorite subjects in school are reading writing, science, and social studies.  I have a sibling that is young than me. 

    11/11  8.  I have 4 people in my family, The rest of my family live in a different place. My favorite food is Beef Stew with Noodles. When I’m at home, and I’m very board, the first thing I think of doing, is randomly grabbing a book of the shelf and jumping onto my bed to read it.   Who am I???                

    11/10  7.  My favorite foods are Pizza and Enchiladas. My favorite thing to do outside is play with my two brothers.  We like to play army games.  My favoirte show is Teen Tians and ICarly.  I was born in April. Who am I? 

    11/9  6. I like to solve Rubiks cubes. Rubiks cubes are fun twisty puzzles. I also like to play chess. I can speak two languages they are English and Marathi. My favorite subjects are reading, math, and gym. I don’t play any sports or instruments. Including me, my family has 5 people. I am also the youngest in the family. I like it because everyone in my family kind of likes me. I have no pets. I was born in Ann Arbor. My favorite place I’ve visited was Mackinac Island.

    11/8  5. Two of my favorite hobbies  are baking and acting.  My favoirte subject in school is reading.  I have 5 people in my family.  I was born in Ann Arbor.  I am 10 years old.  Two of my favoirte places that I have been to are Florida and New York.  Guess who I am? 

    11/7  4.  Some of my favorite hobbies are reading, playing sports like basketball and baseball, drawing, and playing outside. I am 9 years old and was born in St. Joseph Mercy in Ypsilanti, MI. The sports I play are Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Hockey, and Soccer. My favorite places I’ve been are Florida, Arizona, and Grosse Pointe, MI. There are 5 people in my family including me that live in my house which are my older sister, younger sister, Mom, and Dad.  But I also have 3 aunts, 3 uncles, 2 grandmas, 2 grandpas, 3 cousins on my Dad’s side and 10 cousins on my Mom’s side. One thing I like about being a middle child is I can play with my older sister or younger sister. My favorite books I’ve ever read are Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I can only speak 1 language and it is English. My favorite subject is reading and my favorite special is gym. The piano is the only instrument I can play. When I was very little I had a dog but then it died and about last year I had 2 frogs but both of them died too.

    11/6     3.  Hello, my name is ________. I am 9 years old. My favorite color is green-blue. I am very excited for the science unit this year. I am so happy I am in a class with my best friend and a great teacher. I am not great at math and nervous about the pre-algebra unit. This is _________ coming to a close.

    11/5   2. My favorite hobbies are reading and math.  The only language I know is English.  My favorite subject in school is math.  I don't play any sports or instruments.  There are only 4 people in my family.  I like being a younger sibling because I don't have to be the first to try new things.  I don't have any pets and I'm not allergic to any food that I know of.  I was born in Ann Arbor.  Can you guess who I am?  

    11/4        1.  Hello! I am a great kid. I like cats, dogs, (I can’t pick  just one), dyeing my hair, minecraft and sushi. I have 6 family members. My age is 9 and a half. I am the younger middle child. There are two boys in my family and two girls (including me). The oldest child is my brother. He is  named Jude. My older sister’s name is Cicely. My little brother’s name is Roman. My mom’s name is Claire. My dad’s name is Jason. My favorite things to do are swim, roller skate, ice skate and draw people with animal ears and tails. My favorite foods are rice and beans and Halloumi cheese, ice cream and bagels. Can you guess who I am?



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  • Rugs and Fences

    Posted by JACLYN ROSS on 10/18/2015

    rugs/fences                      rugs/fences 2


    rugs/fences 3                    rugs/fences 4

    Practice! Practice! Practice! Games provide a perfect connection between observable classroom skills and fun interactive learning while motivating and improving our math proficiency. This past Friday, we put our skills to the test as we learned a new game called Rugs and Fences, where you apply your knowledge of finding either Area or Perimeter, ultimately trying to earn more points than your opponent. Although Rugs and Fences seems simple on the surface (math pun J), the game is not only challenging but improves problem solving abilities!



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  • Pajama Day!

    Posted by JACLYN ROSS on 10/15/2015

    27 Students Determined to Meet their Goal

                27 Fantastic Transitions

                           27 Gems

                               1 Very Proud Teacher


    What does all of that equal?   Students dressed to nines in their PJ's, furry friends by their sides, making  the day a little extra special!                             

                                           It PJ Day!



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