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  •  October Newsletter 2018




    We are spending our reading time practicing the different components of the Daily Five program.  Our reading focus this month has been on Accuracy.  We’re learning different strategies to figure out hard words as we read, such as using context clues, chunking the word, thinking of a word that makes sense, along with many others. We will be reading Realistic Fiction books in our guided reading groups.



    Our writing lessons have focused on deciding on topics to write about and writing a narrative with a beginning, middle, and end.  We also began a writing project which focuses on writing a descriptive paragraph.



    The students received their first spelling words this past week.  They will have their first spelling test on Friday, Oct. 12th.  These words are listed on the class website:  a2schools.org/whitcomb under the Assignments link.


    Social Studies

    We will begin our Social Studies lessons this month.  The first unit focuses on Economics. Students will create an informational flyer about a local business for that business’s use and then create and sell their own good or service to raise money for a cause.



    So far in science we have discussed what scientists do and what science is.  We

    also began our Life Cycles lessons by learning about the life cycles of plants and humans.  We will look more closely

    at the human life cycle and learn about the concept of generations.



    We have completed Unit 1 in our math program.  In this unit we looked at number patterns, reviewed counting coins and odd and even numbers, used a number line and number grid to add and subtract, and compared numbers using <, >, and =.  We will begin Unit 2 this week. 

    The main focus of Unit 2 is Addition Fact strategies.


    Please remember to have your child practice their math facts at home.  They can go to the Everyday Math site through Clever and play math games that focus on learning their math facts.




    Happy Birthday!


    Here are our October birthdays!

    Anna Walusek Oct. 25th

    Mala’Kai Davis-Brown  Oct. 31st

    Charin Ray Oct. 31st


    * If you plan on sending in a fruit or veggie birthday snack for the class, that is awesome!  Please send bowls or plates and plastic silverware if needed.  Thank you!


    Students of the Week

    for the week of:


    Sept. 10: Zoe Bierdz

    Sept. 17: Sagar Jha

    Sept. 24: Liam Eisele

    Oct. 1: Bohdan Khamatnurov

    Oct. 8: Will Marquardt


    The Leader in Me

    We are reviewing the 7 Habits in our classroom and are remembering to use the habits in our daily lives.  We often talk about how we can turn situations into Win-Win situations.  We also Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood when we are solving conflicts in our classroom.  We have written our Class Mission Statement and Code of Conduct and will soon work on our own Personal Mission Statements.



    We go outside everyday unless it’s pouring or too cold (0 degrees).  Please help remind your child to wear appropriate outerwear for the weather. Please keep in mind that the students are expected to go outside unless they have a doctor’s note excusing them from recess.


    Important Dates:


    Oct. 9th, 15th, 18th, 23rd:  Parent/Teacher Conferences

    Oct. 14th:  Science Fair Registration due

    Wed. Oct. 24th:  Early Release Day, 1:29 dismissal

    Oct. 31st:  Fall Party (more info coming soon)


    Parent/Teacher Conferences

    I look forward to meeting with each of you in the upcoming weeks.  Let me know if you need to sign up for a conference or if you need to change your time.  My goal is to have 100% attendance!


    Johnny Appleseed Day

    We had a lot of fun celebrating Johnny Appleseed Day in 2nd grade!  We made and ate applesauce, we read and wrote about Johnny Appleseed, we did apple activities in math, and watched a movie about Johnny Appleseed.  Thank you to the parents that helped make this day special!


    Classroom Donations:

    Thank you for donating classroom supplies for your child!  We could use plastic cups and napkins for our classroom, if you’re able to make a donation.  Thank you!


    My contact information:



    Also remember to check our class website: a2schools.org/whitcomb

    I will keep it updated with new spelling words, newsletter, and important dates.