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     Content Areas

    Language Arts

    We are continuing our Daily 5 routines during our reading time.  We completed our mini-lessons on Expanding Vocabulary and will now be focusing on comprehension strategies.  We will learn that being able to read the words in a book are just a part of being a good reader.  If you don’t understand what you’re reading, then you are not really reading. We will begin our lessons with retelling strategies.   As you read with your children at home, ask them to retell what they’ve read including who the characters are, what the problem is, where the story takes place, etc.


    Our All About books are just about complete.  These will soon be displayed in the hall.  Our next writing project will be publishing a magazine article about Butterflies.  The students will write the article in class and then publish it with Mrs. Peurach during their Media Center time using the Comic Life computer program.  When this project is done, we will have completed our non-fiction writing units.    We will finish the year out with a  poetry writing unit.  The students will learn about different kinds of poems and have fun writing their own poems.

    Spelling/Words Their Way

    The students will have their next spelling test on Friday, May 11th.  Please help your child to study at home. I have put these new words on our website.  We will probably do one more round of spelling after this one with the last test tentatively being on May 25th.  After this, we will spend time reviewing the words we’ve learned throughout the year.


    We finished up Unit 8 in math.  This unit focused on 2-D and 3-D shapes.  The students also learned how to partition (divide) rectangles into smaller, equal parts.  Another concept the students learned, to get them ready for multiplication, was making equal groups, and drawing arrays. We began Unit 9 this week and it focuses on fractions, multi-digit subtraction, and counting money.

    Please continue to encourage your child to practice their math facts at home.  They can use the XtraMath program online or flashcards, or whatever works for them.  Let me know if you would like me to send home extra math fact practice homework sheets.  I would be happy to do this.  I may do this anyway for those students who are working on addition and/or subtraction facts.

    Social Studies

    We completed our History unit this week.  The students learned about Ann Arbor’s History.  They focused on how schools and transportation have changed since the 1800s.  Their culminating project was a postcard portraying either an early form of transportation or an early school.  These will soon be displayed in the hallway. Our last Social Studies unit is about Civics and we will begin it this week.


    We continued our Life Cycle lessons by looking at the life cycle of a butterfly. We had caterpillars in our room and observed them as they went through the stages of their life cycle. They emerged from their chrysalis’ last week. We  fed them fruit and sugar water and we let them go on the playground.  We have also planted various seeds and are watching them grow.  Hopefully we will be able to plant them in our Lawton garden! 

    Our last science unit is on Rocks.  The students will learn about the 3 main categories of rocks and how they form.  They will also learn about fossils.  Our field trip to the Gravel Pit in June will be a nice extension to our science unit.

    Happy Birthday!

    Claire Stevenson May 4

    Summer Birthdays

    If your child has a summer birthday and would like us to celebrate it in class, just pick a day in June, let me know, and we’ll be happy to celebrate with your child.

    Leadership Day

    On Friday afternoon, May 18th, Lawton will host our parents and leaders from the community for our Leadership Day.  This will be an opportunity for our students to share their knowledge of the 7 Habits, focusing on Habit 7, Sharpen the Saw.  A Google Doc has been sent out asking you to RSVP.  The schedule for my class is a little different due to our Library time.  I would like parents to visit the classroom from 12:45-1:30 and then attend the assembly in the auditorium.  This way the class can still go to their Library special and stay on track wth their writing project.  Let me know if you have any questions about this.

    NWEA Testing

    We will soon be taking the Spring math and reading NWEA tests.  The upper grades are finishing up the M-Step tests and then we will start the NWEAs.  We will be testing on Tuesday, May 22nd at 10am and Wed., May 30th at 1pm. Please have your students here on those days if at all possible.  Also try to make sure they have a good night’s rest and breakfast on those days.  Thank you!

    Talent Show

    A note came home regarding our 2nd grade Talent Show recently.  It will be on Tuesday, June 12th at 9am.  Parents, grandparents, etc. are invited to come and watch. We hope to have as many 2nd graders participate as possible. Please send the form back as soon as you can.

    Important Dates:

    May 10th:  Bike to School Day

    May 18th:  Leadership Day, AM

    May 22nd:  NWEA Test AM

    May 23rd:  Early Release Day

    May 28th:  No School, Memorial Day

    May 30th:  NWEA Test, PM

    June 1st:  Field Day, PM

    June 5th:  2nd Grade Performance 6pm

    June 7th:  2nd Grade Picnic PM

    June 8th:  Ice Cream Social, Evening

    June 11th:  Field Trip to Gravel Pit AM

    June 12th:   2nd Grade Talent Show, PM

    June 15th:  Last Day, 1/2 day

    Teacher Appreciation Week

    I am feeling so appreciated during Teacher Appreciation Week this week!  Thank you for the Iced Tea and the Starbucks gift card!  All of the things the PTO has planned for us are amazing too! I appreciate all of you as well.  The amount of love and attention you give your children is remarkable and this is reflected in how they treat others.  Thank you for all you do for them and all of the help you give me!

    Parent Input Forms

    Please remember to turn in the green Parent Input Forms as soon as possible if you haven’t done so.  We will use these as we begin making class lists for next year.  Please put anything on there that you want me to consider for next year.  I don’t hold conferences to discuss teacher requests as the teachers are only given the task of creating balanced classes.  We don’t assign the students to a certain teacher, our administrators will do this part of the process.

    2nd Grade Picnic

    This will soon be planned by our room parents.  Please expect an email shortly with more information and a sign-up for donations and volunteer opportunities.


    Thank you to everyone who donated items for our classroom this month!


    *Also remember to save Box Tops!