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    Language Arts


    The students are continuing to become better readers as they practice our Daily 5 routines.  Since the last report writing and assessments I have rearranged my guided reading groups so that all of the students are in an appropriate reading group for their reading needs.  I am so happy with the reading progress all of the students have made!  Our mini-lessons have focused on Expanding Vocabulary by learning about prefixes, suffixes, root words, synonyms and antonyms.

    We had a lot of fun during March is Reading Month!  Thank you for having your child read every night!  Please continue having your child read as often as possible, I’ve noticed a big improvement in many of the student’s reading fluency this month!

    In writing, the students have been working on a non-fiction writing project, an All About book.  They each picked a topic that interests them and that they already have some knowledge of.  They will be using what they know about the features of non-fiction text to write these books.  They will include a table of contents, headings, drawings with captions, a glossary, fascinating facts, and diagrams,

    Spelling/Words Their Way

    The students received new words today. I will add these words to the website.  Our next test will be on Friday, April 13th.   


    We completed both PLTW units in March.  The students learned about the States of Matter and how to code using a game on Scratch Jr.  They enjoyed these lessons very much.

    We will soon focus on the life cycle of the plant.  We will plant seeds in the classroom and the plants we grow will be planted in our Lawton garden.


    We are working in Unit 7.  This unit focuses on measurement, using both U.S. customary and metric units and tools. 

    The students continue to show great improvement in their math fact skills.  The majority of the class is secure in their addition facts and about half are secure in their subtraction facts.  I will be working hard with those students who have yet to master their addition and subtraction facts so that they have these mastered by the end of the year.  You may see extra practice for these students coming home as homework in the upcoming weeks. 

    Social Studies

    Our Social Studies lessons have focused on the History of Ann Arbor.  The students have observed historical pictures of Ann Arbor, some dating back to the 1800s.  They have observed how Ann Arbor has changed over the years.  They put the pictures in chronological order on time lines.  We will soon focus specifically on how schools, transportation, and other unique characteristics of Ann Arbor have changed over the years.

    Our field trip this week to the Ella Sharp Museum in Jackson will be a nice extension to our History unit.  The students will experience what life was like in the 1880s.  They will visit a one-room schoolhouse, a log house, and a woodshed.  We ask that students dress similar to that of people in that time period.

    Students of the Week

    For the week of…

    March 12th: Samuel Spotts

    March 19th: Maizy Tavernit

    April 2nd: Nandan Vaddi

    Happy Birthday!

    Rashid Hamad April 23rd

    Mandan Vaddi April 30th

    The Leader in Me

    We continue to keep track of our effort for our school wide goal of improving our reading skills.  Our skill focus is Expanding our Vocabulary.  The students are showing effort by practicing their spelling words, spending time on Lexia, participating in vocabulary reading lessons, and completing vocabulary activities such as their Word of the Day homework. Our class has reached our goal each month so far!

    Report Cards

    Your child’s report card went home in March.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  If your child is reading below a Level L at this point, they are below grade level in reading.  Please contact me if you would like to meet to discuss ways to help your child at home to improve their reading skills.

    Important Dates:

    April 5th: Ella Sharp Museum Field Trip all day

    April 7th:  Silent Auction, Revel and Roll

    April 19th:  Shrek Field Trip, AM, Skyline High

    Lunchtime Enrichment

    Our lunchtime enrichment groups are now over.  The students enjoyed these groups very much!  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we’ll have some nice days for outdoor recess.  Thank you to Mrs. Weber and Mrs. Cannata for supervising the Lego Club!

    In early June, we plan on having a 2nd grade Talent Show.  Students may want to start thinking about a talent that they would like to share.  They can perform with a partner or group or individually.  We welcome all talents.  More info about this and our end of the year picnic will be coming home this month. 


    Thank you for the classroom donations that have come in this month!

    *Also remember to save Box Tops!