Bus Information

  • Shuttle Buses Between Community and Other High Schools:

    Almost all high school students who live in the AAPS district can take a yellow school bus (or walk) to their home school in the morning and then transfer to the yellow bus shuttle that will bring them to Community. These buses leave the other high schools at 7:30 AM. In the afternoon, students can take a bus from Community at 2:20 back to their home school, where they can transfer to their respective bus (or walk home). The bus numbers are:

    Departs at 7:30 AM to Community:

    Departs at 2:20 PM from Community:

    From Huron--Bus #58 To Huron--Bus #150
    From Pioneer--Bus #117
    To Pioneer--Bus #37
    From Skyline--Bus #42 To Skyline--Bus #29

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    AAATA High School Bus Service: 

    Ann Arbor Public Schools has contracted with the Ann Arbor Area Transit Authority (AAATA) to provide busing for some high school students where they have eliminated a yellow school bus route. If you live on one of these routes, your child has been identified for a free AAATA bus pass by the district. See Wendi in the main office to get your pass if this pertains to you. If you do not live on these routes but would like a pass, you can purchase it from AAATA. If your family is need of a bus pass but cannot financially afford one, please let Dean Marci or Wendi know.

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    Click here for the AAPS Bus Schedule for Cosmetology and Homebuilding

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