Bus Information

  • New for 2017/2018 School Year

    Dean Marci has worked with Durham Transportation to develop a plan to directly transport students to Community High School who live beyond the AATA service areas and do not already have a plan to drive or be dropped off by their parents. The bus routes below should be able to accommodate our students who need direct transportation to Community in the morning. As Dean Marci receives feedback from families, she will work with Durham to adjust routes as necessary for implementation during the week of September 11.

    There will continue to be shuttle bus routes at 2:20 PM back to Pioneer, Huron, and Skyline for students who need to take a school bus home from their comprehensive school at the end of the day.

    The following bus routes will bring students directly to Community High School:

    Route 105 (West and Northwest Ann Arbor):
    7:00 am  Scio Farms Clubhouse/Mailboxes
    7:07 am Lakestone @ Clubhouse
    7:13 am Florence St @ Hensley Dr
    7:18 am Coventry Square Dr @ Bradford Square Dr
    Route 112 (South and Southwest Ann Arbor):
    7:00 am  Lake Forest Dr W @ Orchardview Dr.
    7:04 am Burnham Rd @ Briar Ridge Dr
    7:09 am 3375 S. Wagner Rd.
    7:13 am Scio Church Rd @ High Hollow Dr
    7:17 am  Polo Fields Clubhouse
    7:20 am W. Liberty @ Skyhawk Blvd
    Route 115 (Southeast Ann Arbor):
    7:01 am  Amber Way @ Cottonwood Dr
    7:04 am Carpenter Rd @ Plum Ridge Dr
    7:05 am Arbor Meadows Clubhouse
    7:11 am Lark Ln @ Rolling Meadow Ln
    7:12 am Platt @ Potomac Dr
    7:13 am Platt @ Bridgefield Dr

    Route 81 (East Ann Arbor):
    This is the temporary route plan for this area that utilizes a Huron bus and a transfer bus for the first week of school. The plans for the permanent route for this area will be solidified the week of September 11 as the district busing plans are updated, as needs are identified.
    7:05 am Hickman Rd @ Vreeland Rd
    7:08 am Gale Rd @ Red Fox Run
    7:12 am Short St @ Church St
    7:13 am N Dixboro Rd @ Amanda Dr
    7:16 am N Dixboro Rd @ Garden View Dr
    7:18 am 1337 N Dixboro Rd
    7:20 am N Dixboro Rd @ The Arbors
    7:21 am Dixboro Rd @ Village Green/Last Dr before Geddes
    7:30 am Huron High School (transfer to Bus #3 to Community)

    Afternoon Transportation

    Students can take a bus from Community at 2:20 back to their home high school, where they can transfer to their respective bus (or walk home).

    Click here for all AAPS Bus Schedules


    AAATA High School Bus Service

    Ann Arbor Public Schools has contracted with the Ann Arbor Area Transit Authority (AAATA) to provide busing for some high school students where they have eliminated a yellow school bus route. If you live on one of these routes, your child has been identified for a free AAATA bus pass by the district. See Wendi in the main office to get your pass if this pertains to you. If you do not live on these routes but would like a pass, you can purchase it from AAATA. If your family is need of a bus pass but cannot financially afford one, please let Dean Marci or Wendi know.

    Click here for all AAATA bus route schedules

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