Bus Information

  • Bus information will be updated when we return to in-person classes.

    2019/2020 Bus Information

    All students who live within access of an Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (AAATA) bus route should use that option instead of taking an AAPS school bus in the morning. The AAATA provides a more direct route to downtown, and usually runs every 30 minutes, allowing students to flex their schedule (visit theride.org for bus routes and schedules). AAATA bus passes are provided by the school to any family with financial need. For more information about AAATA bus passes, contact Jefferson Bilsborrow at 734-994-2025 or bilsborrow@a2schools.org.

    Dean Marci works with Durham Transportation to transport students to Community who live outside the AAATA service areas and do not already have a plan for transportation to and from school. These school bus routes are designed to accommodate students who need transportation to Community in the morning. As we receive feedback from families in the fall, route adjustments will be made as necessary. A scheduled school bus shuttle departs from Community at 2:20 P.M. to transport Community students to Pioneer, Huron, and Skyline, where students can transfer to their respective bus (or walk home). View all AAPS bus routes to find the bus students board at their geographic high school to get home.

    Community High bus routes 2019-20 (as of 8/22/19) (The most current information for routes will always be found there.)

    AAATA High School Bus Service

    Any student is eligible to buy 100 tokens for $75, or purchase a multi-ride youth bus pass for $29 per month. However, please do not hesitate to reach out to Jefferson or Dean Marci if this is not financially feasible for your family right now. We have passes we purchased to give families on the basis of financial need. We do not want transportation to be a hurdle for anyone.  

    If you are trying to figure out if it makes more sense to buy tokens or buy a pass, here is how the math breaks down financially. If a student will ride the AAATA only for 1 ride per day, for 5 days a week, then it is more cost effective to purchase tokens ($75 will cover 20 school weeks--that is more than a full semester). For students who ride twice a day, the cost is about the same with tokens or a monthly pass. However, for students riding more than twice a day, the monthly pass is the most cost-effective option. Visit the AAATA site to learn how to purchase AAATA tokens and passes.

    For students who live in some neighborhoods that are not serviced by AAPS school buses, the district contracts with AAATA to provide transportation. If you believe this pertains to you, please see Jefferson in the main office for a bus pass. The district has provided us a list of student names who are eligible for a bus pass through this option.

    If your family is need of a bus pass but cannot currently afford one, please let Dean Marci or Jefferson know.

    Click here for current AAATA bus route schedules

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