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    Winter Indoor Soccer

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    November 25 at 5:00PM

    Standard Registration
    Enroll online or mail-in/drop-off your Indoor Soccer registration form  at Rec & Ed.
    Registrations received during the Standard registration period:
      ➢    qualify for early registration fees, 
      ➢    are automatically assigned into teams, 
      ➢    and are given equal priority

    Team assignments are completed according to a child’s respective school attendance area and the time his or her registration is received.

    November 25
    at 5:00PM

    Standard Registration Ends
    ➢    All registration forms must be in the office by closing time to qualify for early registration fees.
    ➢    Registrations received by mail or in the drop box before 5:00 p.m. will be marked for November 25th.
    ➢    Registration with November 25th postmarks cannot be honored as priority registrations.

    After November 25th all registrations will be held pending available roster space.  At this time, special requests (including team and coach requests) may not be considered and jersey size is not guaranteed.

    The Rec & Ed front office staff will contact you for payment if you did not include this with the registration.

    December 16
    Players who have not heard from a coach should contact Willie at pickvetw@a2schools.org or Elyse at Bairley@a2schools.org.
    January 6 Practices begin this week.
    January 18
    Opening Day; the first games begin.