Wish List

  • Wish List - We have 19 students in the class 

    • Wish list for November/December 

    Please do not send in any special items with your child unless you have spoken with me first.

    Special Celebration Snack: - Please keep in mind to keep the snacks healthy - I also have a refrigerator in my room. Items are not limited to the listed items.  You can be creative. 

    • No cupcakes or cakes of any sort
    • Holiday cookies 
    • Holiday plates, napkins, cups
    • cider
    • apples - pre-cut
    • anything pumpkin - We are learning about pumpkins for the next two weeks. (pumpkin seeds, cookies, etc...)

     If you would like to be a volunteer to help with snack please let me know.

    Friday, Oct 27th at 2:30 – 3:30 and Tuesday Oct 31st at 11:00 - Parents can come for the parade, help with snack, and go to lunch with their child.


    Healthy snack.  Some students may not bring in snack or forgot it at home.  Please send in a healthy snack: apples (cut), carrots, animal crackers, goldfish, etc...)

    • Empty toilet paper or paper towel Rolls - we will use them through out the year 
    • Empty Soup Cans
    • Empty egg cartons

    I have also found that having the same folder for each child makes things a lot easier for the teacher and students.  I have ordered special folders for the students.  

    $2 donation for folders and other items

    I have found that we also go through many dry erase board markers. 

    • Dry erase board markers
    • (It can be any color)
    • Highlighters 
    • (It can be any color)
    • Healthy Snack
    • Dixie Cups

    Safe snack items - A list will be sent home at a later date.   

    Throughout the year I will be supplying your child with paper, pencil, glue, crayons, markers, and things that they need regularly in class.