Thurston PTO

Parent Volunteer Opportunities



    Please contact the PTO President with questions.

    Thank you for your support!

  • Help is wanted in multiple committees. If you are interested, please contact

    PTO Landscaping/Grounds Committee

    This group of parents is actively planning improvements to the area around the building. They arrange cleanup and planting days for the school grounds, and implement plans for new playground equipment and other grounds improvements. Contact the Thurston Nature Center Chairperson for more information.

    Room Parent

    This role is perfect for someone who would like to help in the classroom and/ or know more about what is happening around the school. Room Parents play a key role in keeping classroom families connected to each other and the larger Thurston Elementary community. Each classroom has one or more room parents. Roles and responsibilities are tailored to suit the needs of each class. These may include organizing class celebrations, recruiting volunteers for field trips, and communicating social/ school-wide information to parents.

    School Improvement Team

    The School Improvement Team (SIT) is a group made up of parents, teachers, and the principal, whose primary focus is the social and academic climate of Thurston. State law mandates School Improvement Teams. The primary objective of the group is to facilitate the development of Thurston’s School Improvement Plan (SIP). Thurston staff determines the specific strategies used to accomplish the goals. The SIP establishes and evaluates long-range (3-5 years) educational goals and objectives for the schools.

    Teacher Appreciation/Staff Coordinator

    Thurston has the most dedicated and caring teachers and staff around. In an effort to show appreciation, families work together to come up with clever ways of expressing gratitude. Each month, a different committee/ group is selected to host a Teacher/ Staff Appreciation event. Past events include, potlucks, gift cards, letters of gratitude, and much more. A Teacher Appreciation/ Staff Coordinator is needed to coordinate these events, as well as the nationally recognized Teacher Appreciation Week.

    Thurston Nature Center Committee

    The Nature Center provides unique opportunities for teaching and learning science outside the classroom. The Thurston Nature Center committee, a group of parent and community volunteers, is responsible for oversight and maintenance of the Nature Center. The committee meets monthly in the school library to discuss various topics relevant to the upkeep, and functioning of the nature center.

    Thurston Pantry

    The Thurston Pantry is an in-school pantry solely run and operated by students and volunteers. Thanks to the generosity of the entire community, families in need are provided with goods throughout the school-year. Thurston families are asked to consider donating non- perishable foods, toiletries, and cleaning supplies to this cause.

    Donation bins are located in the main hallway, and are accepted anytime throughout the school-year. Monetary donations are also appreciated, and will be used to purchase additional goods for the pantry. Please visit for more information about this wonderful cause!

    Yearbook Coordinator

    The yearbook showcases class photos, school events, school clubs, and favorite candid moments. The yearbook is often considered the highlight of the last days of school, and students eagerly collect signatures while hunting for familiar faces. Throughout the school year, families are asked to email picture submissions to the Yearbook Coordinator. It is the coordinator’s responsibility to organize the layout of the yearbook using the designated photo program, as well as to take a group picture of each class.

    Art Room Volunteers (TBD)

    Throughout the year, the art teachers may request assistance during art class for students in grades K-1. Volunteer tasks may include distributing supplies, collecting projects, or assisting with cleanup. Please contact the art teacher for more information.

    Lunch Room Volunteers (TBD)

    Thurston has an amazing team of dedicated lunch supervisors. The lunch supervisor team is made up of parents, college students, and members of the community. Because of the short lunch/recess time allotment, and large number of attendees, additional support is always encouraged. Parent volunteers are crucial in assisting with this daily operation, and are always welcomed.

    Volunteer duties include; monitoring students on the playground (sun or snow), keeping a close eye on playground dynamics, assisting with line formation, and returning students to designated classrooms. Please contact Ms. Ro if you are interested in assisting with lunch/ recess.