Thurston PTO

PTO Fundraising

  • Fundraising at Thurston is done via a number of events and programs.

    Fall 2018-2019 Thurston PTO Budget

    Store Fundraising

    Start earning money for Thurston Elementary while doing your regular shopping! A few minutes of your time can earn hundreds of dollars at no cost to you.

    If you shop at, Kroger, Busch's, Arbor Farms or Shutterfly you can follow the steps listed.

    Connected Vehicle Study

    U-M is giving money to elementary schools who participate in their connected vehicle study. Please check for details here.

    General Fundraising

    Fun Run Turkey Trot

    One of the main school fundraisers of the year, the Turkey Trot Fun Run will combine two long-standing traditions at Thurston: the fun of the Turkey Trot and the fundraising of the Fun Run. Students will collect pledges for their run/walk through a one-mile course that traverses the Thurston school grounds and parts of the Thurston Nature Center and surrounding neighborhood. All students participate in the fun of the run, regardless of pledges received. There will also be incentives for participation given to individuals and classrooms.  Fun Run

    This event occurs during the school day and involves many parent volunteers. It's a great way to come together as a community and give thanks for all that we do for each other. Keep your eyes open for the Fun Run Kick Off at the end of October. Those interested in volunteering can contact Jamie Tomasello at She will help you find your place to give back.

    Winter Carnival/New Book Sale

    Thurston families enjoy an indoor carnival in the evening with activities, games and prizes. Classrooms throughout the school are converted into game/activity rooms, and students have the opportunity to play games and win prizes. Some of the fun activities include a balloon artist, a cake walk (where students can win a cake or baked treat), face painting, raffles and food for sale.

    The New Book Sale The Scholastic Book Fair is traditionally held on the same night as the Carnival. Working together with our Media Specialist, we will transform our library into a lively bookstore. The prices are the same as you would pay at the store and a percentage of sales are used to purchase library books. The books we sell are handpicked by the school librarian for children up through 5th grade.

    Snow Cone Social and Used Book Sale

    Enjoy an evening outdoors where students can participate in a variety of games and activities, face painting, bubbles, hand-made snow cones, and a delicious assortment of food from locally owned businesses. The Snow Cone Social is a great time for parents to connect with other families and reflect on the school year. All games and activities are free; snow cones and other food are available for purchase.

    The Used Book Sale The used book sale is held on the same night as the Snow Cone Social. It fills the entire MPR with books of all genres, for all ages. Books are donated by Thurston families, as well as members of the community. Families and community members look forward to sifting through the plethora of reasonably priced books. Students are traditionally given a free book coupon and have the opportunity to select a book before the sale opens to the public.

    Box Tops

    We collect “Box Tops” all year long. The children usually come home with a collection sheet once a month and are encouraged to fill it up with “Box Tops”. We hold a weekly contest with all the classrooms at Thurston to see who brings in the most “Box Tops”. The class who wins each week is recognized at the “Heron Box tops Huddle” and gets to have the “Box Tops Trophy” for the week. You can find “Box Tops” on many products...such as: Avery office products, General Mills, Hanes, Green Giant produce, Hanes, and many other products. You can find a complete list of participating products on The Box Tops for Education website at We encourage all families to go online and sign up on the website. The nice thing is that it’s free and at the beginning of the school year, they give the school 5 box tops for every new person who signs up online for our school. In the past we have purchased Document Cameras, soccer goals and books for the library. Each year we choose what we would like to use the money for. It’s that easy....Clip the “Box Tops” and send them to school with your child or drop them off in the office. Each Box Tops= $0.10. 

    Store Fundraising

    If you shop at, Kroger, Busch's, Arbor Farms or Shutterfly you can follow the steps listed below.

    1. Go to and create an account. If you already have one, go to step 2
    2. Go to separate website and sign in with your Amazon account information
    3. Choose "Pick your own charitable organization"
    4. Select Thurston Parent Teacher Organization
    5. Every purchase you make after that will send a percentage to Thurston. This is a great way for out-of-town relatives and friends to contribute as well.

    Note: Sometimes Amazon will automatically prompt you to use Smile, and other times you may have to manually change to before checking out.


    1. Get a Kroger Plus Card at the customer service desk or use the one you already have.
    2. Go to and click on the Community tab, then Community Rewards
    3. Create an Account. If you have a Kroger Plus card, just type in the card number and your name. If not, you also have the option of creating a digital card online.
    4. Click on My Account and scroll to the bottom where it says Community Rewards
    5. Click Enroll and fill out the required information
    6. You will now be able to search for and select the organization you want to link your card with. Look for Thurston PTO (organization number 82627) Click Enroll.
    7. Give your Kroger Plus card or phone number to the cashier whenever you check out. Kroger often offers free items and special discounts to cardholders in addition to the rewards program.



    Buschs To enroll in Cash for Education you must have a MyWay account. You can sign up at

    1. If you are already a member, log in to your MyWay account through and click the Cash for Education icon.
    2. Choose Thurston PTO from the list of organizations (for all quarters) and every purchase you make will earn rewards.
    3. Select up to four organizations that you would like to support for each quarter using the drop down menu. Purchases will be allocated equally between your chosen organizations.
    4. Participants will be required to re-enroll on an annual basis.
    5. Just be sure to use your MyWay card or phone number at checkout.
    6. You must have a valid email address and opt in to receive emails to participate in this program. You can check this information under My Account > Account Overview when logged into MyWay.
    7. Busch's will sometimes update accounts after one year, so check the Community tab periodically to make sure Thurston is still receiving your rewards.


    shutterfly If you order your photos, calendars, cards, or gifts from Shutterfly or their partners, they will give 13% commission to Thurston. This is another easy way friends and family can show support.

    Just enter the site from the Thurston storefront at and we'll receive credit for every purchase.

    ***Meijer and Target no longer participate in this program