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    ITD Quadrant Support Teams 

     Technology support will be transitioning to a Quadrant support model during the Fall of 2015. Each quadrant will have Technical Assistants and Technical Specialist who provide direct support to the buildings in the quadrants. The Central Technical Staff will continue to support all Quadrants. 
    Technical Quadrants  

    Quadrant A

    Skyline, Forsythe, Slauson, Bach, Dicken, Haisley, Lakewood, Wines


     Quad A
      Carol Webb, Jeremy Eldred, Shannon Schaffer, Cheryl Wonders


    Quadrant B

    Community, Pathways, Clague, AAOpen, Angell, Logan, Northside, Thurston


    Quad B  
    Linda Keebler, Monica Groeneveld, Steve Newton, Ted Politis

    Quadrant C 

    Pioneer, Tappan, Abbot, Burns Park, Eberwhite, Lawton, PreSchool, Rec & Ed
    Quad C  
    Myung Shim,  Mike Morris,  Julie Johnson

    Quadrant D

    Huron, Scarlett, Allen, Bryant, Carpenter, King, Mitchell, Pattengill, Pittsfield

    Quad D  
    Carrie Treece, Kathryn Slade, Holly Perry 


    Network Equipment
    A/V and Printing
    Access Accounts
    Data Systems
    Mobile Devices and Instructional Integration
    Software Management/Imaging