ELL Community Fair

  • Our Schools
    There will be a series of 25-minute sessions that families will have the option to attend so that they can learn more about our schools. The full program will be posted in the cafeteria that evening. 
    Rights & Responsibilities Handbook
    Power School
    Online Resources to Support Academics
    Resources and Ideas for English Language Learning 
    Secondary Counseling: The Roles of Counselors & The Services They Provide 
    Homework & Accommodations for ELLs 
    Elementary Report Card 
  • Community Resources
    Stop by the cafeteria to find out about some of the programs and resources in the Ann Arbor Public Schools and throughout the community. 
    Sports & Recreation 
     Rec & Ed
    Programs & Resources for Adults
    Ann Arbor Adult Education 
    Washtenaw Literacy
    Washtenaw Community College 
    International Neighbors 
    AAPS Preschool & Family Center
    High School Students 
    Neutral Zone 
    Health & Safety 
     Ann Arbor Fire Department
    Programs for Families 
     Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra
    Multiple Resources or Programs
    Ann Arbor District Library 
    Junior League of Ann Arbor 
    Bryant & Pattengill
    A2 Virtual
    AAPS Career & Technical Education (CTE)