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October 28, 2015 PTO Meeting (Budget Discussion)

  • Budget Discussion (Question /Answer format led by Treasurer Angela Keiter)

        New line items were noted, such as separation of field trips into Music and General and Safe Schools.  Explanations were given for items people were confused about.  Teacher grants are $200 for all full-time teachers.  Special request grants are teacher requests outside of teacher grants.  Office discretionary grants are for office supplies like paper slicers, staplers. Money is also reserved for rewards for safety kids and Green Schools kids volunteering.  Possible overlap between NAAPID and Cultural Awareness was discussed.  Cultural Awareness was deemed a misleading name and changed to Heron Huddle Activities.  Principle York stated that she will handle both NAAPID and Heron Huddle Activities at her discretion—no vote is necessary.   

      Discussion of whether K/1 children are able to take responsibility for balls, hula hoops during recess.  There have been problems in the past with timely cleanup, and that is why they are currently not brought out at lunch.

      New book sale was a success and made around $500 to replace old/purchase new library books for the Media Center.

       Fall Carnival was also successful this year.  However, some clean-up issues led to discussion of possibly bringing in an extra custodian on International Night.  We will be discussing the Carnival in detail at the next PTO meeting.  Goals are to make events break-even or small loss, and future pricing will reflect this aim.

      Reimbursement policy:  Requests for reimbursement go to the treasurer, then to the President.  If a time-dependent item arrives and the President is not available, the Vice President will take responsibility.

      The Budget was approved with no objections and no abstentions. We as board members are registered with the State of Michigan who recommends we carry directors/officers insurance to offset any liability.  It is estimated at $150.00.  Motion to investigate and procure insurance presented by Angela Keiter.  Seconded by Payal Agarwal.  Motion passed by the group with no objections.

    Meeting ended with a recommendation to investigate the current district policy and best way to pay for fingerprinting of support staff.

    Thurston PTO Budget