Forms to Access Funding

  • PTSO funding for educational materials and enhancements can be accessed in a few ways. One is teacher vouchers, which offer up to $300 per school year in reimbursements for each full-time teacher ($75 for part-time) for classroom materials, supplies, and equipment. Please make requests via one of these forms:  

    Full-Time Teacher Voucher 

    Part-Time Teacher Voucher

    Another funding mechanism is the PTSO grant program, which has budgeted $5000 this school year to be distributed across proposals submitted by teachers and staff. These can be something for a particular classroom or for broader use by a grade level or the whole school. Proposals are due September 25th, 2019, with funding decisions to made at the PTSO meeting on October 2nd. (If there are unspent funds remaining after the fall proposals, a spring submission may be requested.)

    PTSO Grant Proposal Form

    Other funding requests that don't fit these categories, such field trip busing and reimbursement for volunteers' expenses, should be made with this form: 

    Funding/Reimbursement Request Form

    Below is a link to an IRS letter affirming the Logan PTSO's status as a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization and providing the tax ID number: 

    PTSO tax exempt status letter

    Questions? Please contact PTSO Treasurer, Kerri Randall at