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    NAAPID - Monday, February 8th

    This coming Monday, February 8th is NAAPID, National African American Parent Involvement Day.  On this day we invite ALL parents to visit Skyline High School to observe and support in your child’s classrooms, eat lunch or breakfast with your child at school (school lunch is on us for all parents who are able to attend), and take some time on this nationally recognized day to be even more involved in your child’s learning community.  We ask that all parents please check in at the Main Office to be greeted by our student volunteers, sign in on our special participation log, and retrieve a voucher to have school lunch with your child compliments of Skyline High School.

    In addition, the county-wide NAAPID at Night 20th Anniversary Celebration where Ayinde Jean Baptiste is scheduled for 6:00 PM at Ypsilanti Community Middle School Auditorium, 235 Spencer Lane in Ypsilanti. Baptiste spoke at the Million Man March and challenged participants to go back to their community and make a difference. Joe Dulin, the founder of NAAPID went back to Ann Arbor and started the now international movement. Each year a different school in the county hosts the NAAPID at Night event, which is a beautiful showcase of our students talent and pride across the county.  This year Ypsilanti Community Middle School is excited to welcome our families for this special evening.

    NAAPID is a wonderful and special day for us at Skyline High School.  It is one of the only days each year when we ask ALL parents to take the time some time to participate in our classrooms and show what we all know, that it truly takes a village to raise a child.