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February 2, 2016 PTO Meeting

  • Meeting called to order by Julie Koehn

    Previous meeting minutes presented.

    Kelly Delp motions for approval, Amy Sonntag seconds the motion and the minutes are approved with no abstentions or objections

    Phone Directories – There are only two families with no email so there is good accessibility. Budget:

    Checking Balance $30,125.45
    Savings Balance $13,156.32

    There is currently a February surplus, but this number does not include bussing costs which have not been reported by the busing company.

    Fun Run: under budget by $1300 Fall Festival: under by $750 Chess Tournament under by $50

    Scrip cards: Had a $1000 deficit. Some people reported confusion about the ordering process. There was a suggestion of bringing order forms to bagel Friday or other events.

    Green Steam: under by 2000 because of program not happening this year due to Project Lead the Way Staff provided suggestions for using any surplus funds. Some top suggestions were considered.

    Motion to fund recess packs made by Amy Sonntag, seconded Eleanora Katsambouris. $30 per classroom pack passes with no abstentions. Implementation will occur once a committee is formed to decide contents. The group expressed a desire to purchase a few other items on the list, and Dawn Sackman volunteered to investigate the cost of an electric pencil sharpener and electric stapler as well as a paper cutter.

    Community Service Club

    Request for $85 for shelving and storage containers for the Thurston pantry from the after-school budget fund. The club will send out info soon and put collection bins out. Goal is to send out packs to families with a need on the third Friday of every month. Service club members would stock pantry every Tuesday after school. This would include daily use items like soap as well as food. People can also write donation checks through the PTO. Eleanora Katsambouris makes motion to fund, Kelly Delp seconds. Motion passes with no objections and abstentions.

    Garden Projects

    A vegetable Garden and the “Pit” in front of the parking lot are two of the largest of 42 ongoing landscape/nature projects. The alcove by the preschool playground where the bike racks are currently located is an area of discussion. The idea is to clear and make the area into a usable space (possibly for an outdoor classroom.) A landscape committee with Elizabeth Morehead and Jessica Anderson has taken the lead on planning and are looking for volunteers. One suggestion was to contact High Schoolers who are looking for service hours.

    Handgun Resolution

    PTOC voting – what is our stand? Do we agree with current District Policy and do we wish to give a vote of support for AA Board of Education’s April resolution banning all weapons including handguns from school property unless left in car.

    Academic Games

    Eight Thurston students qualified for the State Tournament after having done very well, including victories over other elementary schools and even middle school students. Academic Games cost is $365.00 per child and they would like a small scholarship for each child to encourage participation. There was a debate about how much money could be used to support the students’ success while not using up the limited after-school budget. A motion was made by the Academic Games advisors to allocate $25 per student at a cost of $200 from the after-school activities budget. Motion passes with 4 objections and 2 abstentions.

    Principal Report

    Kindergarten and preschool roundup is coming up.

    Talent Show is coming up on February 12th. There are 42 acts with one minute skits.

    NAAPID is on the 8th and takes place all day. We invite all parents with the spotlight on encouraging parent involvement in the African American Community. Thurston prides itself on continual discussions among staff on issues of diversity and inclusion.

    Science Olympiad is looking for volunteers especially with the 4th graders.