• Volunteer for Rec & Ed!
    If you would like to get involved and make a positive impact in your community, consider spending a couple of hours per week volunteering in a Rec & Ed Youth Sports or Summer Camp program.  

    Youth Coach  (coach a team in the  range of age 5-13)


    Sports (seasonal): Soccer / indoor soccer,  Baseball , Softball,  Flag Football, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball.
    Time commitment: 2-3 hours per week (one practice per week -coach chooses the day & location- and one game per week). 
    Coaching Resources: Depending on the sport, coaching clinic, “rookies” guide, written materials. 
    Code of Ethics:  Can be found here
    Contact: Willie Pickvet, Team Sports Specialist II, pickvetw@a2schools.org

    Summer Camp - High School Volunteers
    HS Volunteer
    Be an assistant counselor for a variety of summer camps offered by Rec & Ed.  Summer programs include everything from Safety Town to Harry Potter Camp and Sports camps. 
    For more information, visit aarecedonline.com in the spring or contact Yvette Harris at harrisy@a2schools.org.

    Quotes from current youth coach volunteers
    As a young professional with no kids of my own, I found that being a volunteer coach to 5th graders was an extremely rewarding experience. I never coached before, but my youth team had so much energy and their parents were very supportive. The best moment was after the season ended, a few kids loved playing so much that they joined a local club to keep playing.  - Ariel 
    The best part of coaching for me is when the “light turns on” and the player who wasn't able to serve a ball over the net when the season started successfully serves 3 in a row during the last match, or the child who was afraid of the ball realizes “hey, this really doesn't hurt, and maybe I can actually play the ball.”  We teach teams everything from how to rotate to how to celebrate points, and those lessons are just as important as the actual skills they learn.  - Nancy