• Failing an Online Course

    Students who fail an online course are not allowed to enroll in another online course in the same content area for two years following the failure. Any student who has failed any online course but wishes to enroll in an online course in another content area must schedule a meeting with the principal of A2 Virtual+. The rationale for this meeting is to allow time for parent, student, and administrator to review source of failure, student study habits, and ability to commit to online classes with renewed assurance.  At A2Virtual+ we are committed to student success. Often time students fail online courses for reasons other than ability to learn content. It is usually related to poor time management, poor organizational skills, and other personal or life skills related to the course.  Students can enroll, at their own expense, to take an online course during the summer.  Please note that this policy is located on the enrollment form that was signed by student, parent, and counselor before the course began.