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    Burns Park Elementary School Mission Statement

    To foster academic achievement in a safe and nurturing environment which develops responsible citizenship, a positive self-image, creativity, sensitivity to others, and multi-cultural awareness.


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    For any school-related questions, please email Kathy Cramer our School Office Professional. 


    Dear Burns Park Families,

    The grass is greening, flowers are blooming, trees seem to be gaining their leaves by the hour, and children and families are out and about. Happy Spring!

    We offer greetings for our friends and neighbors who begin a special holiday this coming week. We wish you a generous Ramadan!

    It was wonderful to see our Penguins, who are ready to return, in school this past week. We’re also so very happy to be able to include all as we combine our virtual and face to face learners. This kind of teaching is difficult and I want to give a big shout out to our teachers and staff for rising to the challenge. We are all enriched as we continue our progress to move back together at our beloved school building and playground. We welcome third grade students this coming week. Here are some practical details for our entry and dismissal.

    All students and staff continue to wear masks whenever on school grounds (parents too) except for when our students are eating which occurs in the auditorium and the cafeteria.

    Students arrive at school and enter within a window from 900-910 AM (on their cohort days). We ask students and families to assemble in the following areas. Adult staff will dismiss students from these staging areas and make sure they get to class through their assigned entry and dismissal doors. Dismissal will work in the same fashion, beginning at 2:00. We ask that you clear the playground until 3:15 when school hours for students have ended. 

    Young Fives and Kindergarten

    Continue to gather for morning entry on the lower elementary playground basketball courts near their assigned classroom teacher signs.

    First Grade

    Beginning this week, First Grade students join Y5/K students on the lower elementary playground basketball courts near their assigned classroom teacher signs.

    Second Grade

    Second Grade students continue to gather on the sidewalk dividing the park and school grounds near their assigned classroom teacher signs.

    Third Grade!

    Third Grade students gather on the sidewalk dividing the park and school grounds near their assigned classroom teacher signs.

    Family members are encouraged to see their students off but must stay on or behind the sidewalk, masked and socially distanced, as we keep the school grounds reserved for only staff and students. Thanks so much for your support with this! We’re getting better and better at saying goodbye in a safe way and moving into the building quickly and in a safe and happy way. One note, if you do bring canine family members to arrival or dismissal, make sure they are on a secure leash. Thanks again for your help with these practices!

    Did you know you are already a member of the Burns Park PTO? Our PTO is a vibrant group that supports all students with program enhancements, provides social connection for parents and families, and supports significant and meaningful equity work to ensure an inclusive and joyful experience for all of our children. Please join us for our monthly PTO meeting this Tuesday, April 13th at 7:30 pm. Current agenda is here.

    Here is the link to our PTO zoom meeting.


    Meeting ID: 996 7393 3000

    Don’t forget to Register for your Burns Park Renegade Sidewalk Run happening on Sunday, May 2nd!! More details are here

    For those of us in training (or who want to catch up) here is Mr. Leonard’s Burns Park Run Challenge for next week.


    Mr. Leonard wants to give your students a heads up for P.E. class this week. He’s asking students to gather the following to be ready for upcoming lessons.

    Y5-5th Grade Supplies: Bowling

    Something that you can roll like a bowling ball.  You could use a pair of socks or a small ball.

    Five items to use as bowling pins.  You could use empty water bottles, toys, paper towel rolls, etc.

    Here are the Art supplies for this week from Ms. Becker.

    Y5/K- Construction paper (or about 2-3 white pieces of paper if there isn't any construction paper available) scissors, glue, coloring supplies

    1/2- White piece of paper, pencil, scissors, coloring supplies

    3-5- Construction paper (one sheet), one white piece of paper, scissors, glue, pencil, and coloring supplies

    Here is a message from Ms. Erdstein about library books.

    Do you have school library books at home?

    Please bring those books to school to be returned to the library. If you have books from another building, those books can be returned to our building as well. Look for a box outside the library.

    If you are remaining virtual for the remainder of the school year, hold on to AAPS library books until we can all return this school year or until next fall.  

    What about late or lost fines?

    We understand many families have been impacted this past year and will be waiving costs related to school library books.

    Are you not sure if you have school library books at home?

    Librarians will be emailing library book notices (with book titles included) in the event you do not remember what books you have checked out.

    Thank you.

    Ms. Erdstein

    For those of you who may remember, Josephine Miles Schuman was a long-time and beloved art teacher at Burns Park for many years. She passed away recently and here is a remembrance. It’s such a small world we live in. Burns Park dad, J. P. Pagan met and befriended her young son Wade when living in New York City.


    One more piece of good news today. Late last week I found out that crews will be working the night shift at Burns Park Elementary in order to rewire our building in order to have new lighting and air conditioning in place for the coming fall. This is not meant to be the full remodeling of our building which is still on the horizon, but an improvement that is timely and needed in the interim. I’ll be updating you with more information about this as I learn more.

    We’re excited to welcome our third graders who will participate in our hybrid option this week and we hope to see you at Tuesday’s PTO meeting. Have a wonderful week.

    Your Principal,

    Chuck Hatt

    Your PTO Update 

    Purchase penguin keepsakes at your BPE Swag Shop! You can also access the shop anytime from your PTO website

    Register for your Burns Park Renegade Sidewalk Run happening on Sunday, May 2nd!! More details are here

    Your next PTO meeting is Tuesday, April 13th at 7:30 pm. Current agenda is here.

    Shop Amazon, Kroger, Busch’s or Arbor Farms and raise money for your BPE PTO at the same time! Details on how to make this magic happen are here. Or, shop the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop at 2280 S.Industrial to further support your BPE PTO. 

    Donate to your PTO. You can donate online here or send a check made out to Burns Park PTO to: Jane Hollingsworth’s (PTO Treasurer). 1707 Morton Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. 

    Join the Directory. This is the best way for families and students to connect and create community with others. You have absolute control over what information is seen.  

    On behalf of your BPE PTO,

    Laura Hayden