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    Burns Park Elementary School Mission Statement

    To foster academic achievement in a safe and nurturing environment which develops responsible citizenship, a positive self-image, creativity, sensitivity to others and multi-cultural awareness.




    Dear Burns Park Families,

    We send our greetings to those who are celebrating Palm Sunday and Holy Week these coming days and also those celebrating Passover later this week.

    It has been wonderful to experience some sunny and spring-like weather during this challenging time. We hope that you are able to be outside and enjoying this lovely day. We have a longish email message today regarding programming for at-home learning and news about the Burns Park Run.

    As you know, last week Governor Whitmer extended the closing of all Michigan schools through the end of the current school year.  In addition, each public, school district must submit a plan for continued learning moving forward. The Ann Arbor Public Schools has been developing such a plan in anticipation of this possibility. You can read more about our district’s response leading up to this time and moving forward at the following link:


    Beginning tomorrow, April 6th, we will resume a daily message from each teacher to their classroom, along with an enrichment or practice activity. During this past week, and continuing this week, our curriculum department is developing a plan which will include scheduled and consistent lessons, including materials and assignments to support students in making progress in the curricula in every subject area, and at every grade level. This plan will be implemented beginning the week of April 13th.

    In addition, professional support staff will be in contact with each family receiving specialized services to discuss details about how student support services will be provided within the online setting. Beginning April 6th, a Parents of Students with Special Needs Help Line will be active at 734-994-2318.

    As principals, we will continue to update you as information becomes available to us. As always, we are accessible to talk with you (by email or phone at 734-707-3698) about your child’s learning experiences or any other item of concern that you may have. 

    We continue to think about ways in which we can carry on our traditions and attend to the needs and rhythms of life, while adjusting to new realities. Here is a letter from our Burns Park Run co-directors who have been planning with PTO leaders and principals about this year’s Burns Park Run.

    Hello Burns Park Run racers!

    In these unprecedented times, we have made the difficult decision to not host an in-person Burns Park Run this year.  We, however, are committed to being together while apart and preserving the spirit of the Burns Park Run. Therefore, this year's Burns Park Run will be VIRTUAL.

    You may be asking, what does that even mean????

    1. If you've already registered or purchased merchandise, you have the opportunity to leave those funds with the PTO by doing nothing. 

    2. If you do not already, follow the Burns Park Run on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/burnsparkrun/).  Each week leading up to "race day," we will post one training "challenge" for kids and one training suggestion for adults. These will also be emailed out weekly to past participants.  We encourage you to post pictures of your training and messages of support to your fellow runners.

    3. On the weekend of the race, run a fun run, 5k or 10k and post your time and/or a photo of you running to Facebook.  PLEASE follow all state and CDC guidelines effective as of the date of race weekend regarding social distancing.

    4. If you would like to recoup funds you've paid for registration and/or merchandise, you may request a refund by emailing bfairchild@enmotive.com.  Everything except a small processing payment that stays with our third party processor will be refunded.  Refund requests must be completed by Friday, April 10th.

    We know our community is stepping up in so many ways to support each other and address this crisis. Normally, the Burns Park Run is the PTO’s largest fundraiser, providing 35% of budgeted income. The Burns Park PTO supports such important programs as Family to Family giving, field trips, classroom supplies and all that we do at Burns Park to promote inclusivity and give all of our students the opportunity to succeed. If you are still able to contribute at this time or in the future, you can donate to the PTO here: donation to your Burns Park PTO

    As we hold out hope for the safety of each of you, your families, your loved ones, our healthcare workers, the other essential workers helping to support our community every day, we are reminded of what the Burns Park Run means and why it is so important.  It is about caring for our community and each other. It is about getting outside and being healthy. Let's do this the best we can now, and look forward to the day we can all run in stride less than 6 feet apart!


    Burns Park Run Co-Directors

    Here is this week’s training challenge!

    Hey Virtual Burns Park Run Runners!

    Welcome to Week #1 of Training!

    Our theme this week is wear purple as you train! Post your training in purple pictures to our Facebook page and anywhere else on social media!

    Remember we encourage safe training with excellent social distancing which is a must for safe training!

    Kids (also includes adults who are kids at heart) Training for Week #1:

    No need to complete everything, just try your best! 

    1) Take one adult or older sibling in your household out for a walk for at least 20 minutes three times this week. Kids make sure you cover the following topics: (i) why is the sky blue (or grey); (ii) what type of cloud is that; (iii) why can't I have a pet monkey; and (iv) what is your favorite candy?

    Take a fun selfie of you with the sky (or your pet monkey) and either send to a friend or post on the Burns Park Run Facebook.  No phone? Draw a picture of your walk and mail or post!

    2) On one day this week find a hill near your house (Magic Mountain is an option) and run up it 10 times as fast as you can. Before you come down the hill yell "Penguins". Walk (or roll) down the hill before running to the top again. If you're still feeling good run up the hill 10 more times and this time yell "Purple".

    Have your parent take a video of you running or rolling down and either send to a friend or post on the Burns Park Run Facebook.

    Adults (also includes kids who like to give orders) Training for Week #1:

    1) Same as kids training #1 above but you get to ask the questions;

    2) If you have access to the Burns Park Run course start at the corner of Lincoln and Shadford and run the Shadford hill. This should be done at race pace or as fast as you can. Once you have reached the Woodside/Shadford intersection turn around and walk back to the start (this is approximately 1/2 mile). Repeat two more times. For those looking for a more challenging workout add the Woodside hill on to the end. If you don't have access to the Burns Park Run course find a gently sloping hill near you and run it as many times as you can with a one and two-minute recovery between runs.

    Challenge a friend on Facebook to run the hill more times than you!

    The most important things are to have fun and stay safe!

    We are saddened by the pain and suffering that so many are experiencing right now and in awe of the many Burns Park Elementary School families who are on the front lines in providing medical care and essential services.

    Please let us know if you are in need, or know of anyone who may be. You can email or call any time at 734-707-3698. We are grateful to be in this with you and look forward to the day when we reunite in our building. For now, we strive to be an online and connected learning community.

    Your Principals,

    Chuck and Laura

    Burns Park Lunch Schedule 2019-2020

    Lunch Schedule 2019-2020