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    Burns Park Elementary School Mission Statement

    To foster academic achievement in a safe and nurturing environment which develops responsible citizenship, a positive self-image, creativity, sensitivity to others and multi-cultural awareness. 


    Dear Burns Park Families,

    We’re glad that the winter weather is finally here! It seems that we may be in for colder temperatures for at least the next two weeks. A word about our outdoor recess policy; if the temperature (including wind chill factor) dips below the 0 degree mark, we will have indoor recess and students can wait inside the hallways in the morning when they arrive at school, starting at 8:30. Otherwise, we go outside for recess.

    Please let us know if your child is in need of any winter garb including boots or snow pants, etc. We have lots of spares to share and can get find more (thanks to your generosity). On rotating days, second through fifth grade students will get to sled on Magic Mountain, depending on conditions, so boots and snow pants are encouraged. Also, we welcome any donations of plastic sleds if you have extras to share.

    We’ve been chuckling as we’ve read a recent article from The Atlantic titled, It Used to Be Okay for Parents to Play Favorites (link below) which is an excerpt from Jennifer Traig’s (Rachel,4th, and Sam, 2nd) new book Act Natural: A Cultural Misadventure in Parenting. We recommend this to any of you who are parenting (or have been parented) or are interested in an informative and laugh-out-loud survey of raising children through the ages.



    Speaking of authors, Camille Pagan (Xavi 2nd, Indy 5th), will be the keynote speaker The American Society of Journalists and Authors Annual Writer’s Conference, this coming May.


    Congratulations to two of many (including our Y5-5 Penguins) Burns Park writers!

    Tomorrow, Tuesday the 22nd, we will host an assembly on The History of African-American Music, which is funded for us by The Burns Park Players. The presentation for grades 3-5 is from 1:00-1:45 and the presentation for Y5-2 is from 2:00-2:35. Unfortunately, both principals are out of the building for a rescheduled and required district meeting, but you are most certainly welcome to join us for this event.

    As many of you may know, the Glaza family (Jade, 5th grade) recently had a fire in their home. All family members are safe.  They are in temporary housing until they get everything sorted out. If you want to help in some way, email Sandy Kreger at kreger@aaps.k12.mi.us.  She is in touch with the family and knows their wishes.

    Please let us know (soon) if you are interested in joining us this Thursday for our adult session on immigration which will be held this Thursday in the Media Center beginning at 6:30. This session will be connected to a broader conversation we are having with students with a particular school-wide focus during March is Reading Month. We will announce on Wednesday if there is enough interest to sustain this event. You can email Chuck at hatt@aaps.k12.mi.us, to let us know if you are coming.

    Get ready for the Special Interest Fair on Tuesday, January 29th! A huge shout out to PTO Special Interest Fair Chair, James Boardman, for all his work to make this BP Penguin favorite a stellar time and experience for all of our students!

    Today, many of us are attending events or thinking as we attend to our regular schedules, about the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. There seem to be many who remember his life and message through a romanticized or even distorted lens. We saw somewhere that Dr. King, Anne Frank, and Barbara Walters, would be the same age, had Dr. King and Anne Frank survived, even though it would be easy to think of them as living in differing historical eras. Events just this week have reminded us of the tremendous distance we still must travel to secure a just and equitable American society and that progress made through Dr. King and other’s leadership is still fragile, and opposed by many.

    We think the most developmentally appropriate way to help our children understand the aspirations that Abraham Lincoln referred to as “the voices of our better angels” and the dream that Dr. King so eloquently espoused, is to always do our very best to be kind, safe, and responsible.

    As adults we mutually encourage each other, to always aspire to equity in preference of equality and to be willing to engage together to grow beyond ways of relating that diminish any of the limitless potential that all of our children hold. We thank you for partnering with us for our brightest hope and most important responsibility, the young people in our care.

    Your Principals,

    Chuck Hatt and Laura Wolf


    Dear Fantastic Burns Park Families!

    What a wonderful winter wonderland - winter finally blessed us with snow and hopefully some skiing and sledding to celebrate the long weekend!

    Get ready for the Special Interest Fair on Tuesday, January 29th! (See below for more details) A huge shout out to our chair James Boardman for all his work to make this BP Penguin favorite a stellar time and experience for all of our students!

    Also the Science Olympiad sign up is out please see details below!

    We are in need of a Fundraising Coordinator for the Burns Park Run. This position will work closely with the PTO Fundraising Coordinator to help manage our donors for the race. If you are interested in helping and being a part of this amazing project please email Jenn Monk-Reising at jmonkreising@gmail.com.

    Please, as always, please feel free to email us if you have any questions.


    Jennifer Monk-Reising


    Jill Schloff


    Burns Park PTO Co-Presidents 2018-2019



    1/21 No School; MLK Day

    1/24 Principals Immigration Series (Media Center)

    1/26 BP Press articles due

    1/29 Special Interest Fair

    1/30 Science Olympiad Registrations due by 9:00 pm

    1/30 Early Release Day


    Hello Burns Park Families!

    The start of the new year is off to a great start, and I’m eager to see all of your students’ artwork this year! I wanted to reach out and let families know that my website for Burns Park is up and running. You can get to it through the school’s website if you click on my page or you can go directly to the site with this address burnsparkart.weebly.com! On this site you can stay up to date on what is going on in the art room and view student work. I hope you get a chance to check it out! Lastly, I wanted to reach out with supply opportunities for families. I would really appreciate if families could bring in  tissues, baby wipes, and Q-tips to the art room. If you are willing and able I would be so grateful!

    Here’s to a great 2019 rest of the school year!!

    Jaclyn Becker

    Thank you,


    Things to Remember:

    ·        Project drop off before school: 8:15am-8:50am (I will send out info, so everyone knows how the drop off will work and so it goes as smoothly as possible).

    ·        Class viewing will be from 9am until 3:30pm (Parents are welcome).

    ·        Family and Friends viewing: 6pm-7:15pm.

    ·        Projects to be taken home that evening or will be left in the auditorium for pick up.

    If you have any questions feel free to email James Boardman: themutster@me.com 

    Calling ALL 2nd-5th grade students at Burns Park:

    Science Olympiad sign-ups are available online now!

    We are very excited to start another great year of Science Olympiad at Burns Park. For those of you who don't know Science Olympiad is a science club where students practice for one or more events, with some kids going on to represent Burns Park at the Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad (WESO) on May 11th. Last year we had our biggest and most successful team yet (taking 93 students to the WESO competition) & we hope to build on this trend in 2019. Information about our team is on our website. Practices start on Sunday, February 3rd.

    Registrations are due Monday, January 28th (by 9:00pm) so that we have time to slot students into the events before the practices begin. Here is the link for online registration. Please note, all events have caps on enrollment to make sure both students and volunteer coaches have a good experience, and more popular events may fill up before registration ends.  All students who wish to participate are guaranteed a spot in some event, but students who register later may not get their first choices.

    We will confirm your student's practice schedule via email by February 2nd.

    Thank You,

    Jane Montas & Dee Lamphear

    p.s. If you are in need of a paper registration please see the attached document.


    Burns Park Lunch Schedule 2018-2019