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    Burns Park Elementary School Mission Statement

    To foster academic achievement in a safe and nurturing environment which develops responsible citizenship, a positive self-image, creativity, sensitivity to others and multi-cultural awareness. 


    Dear Burns Park Families,

    We are happy for the sunshine today which reminds us that spring is surely coming and, with it, warmer weather. It was lovely to see so many Burns Park families celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day yesterday. To our friends who will be celebrating Purim this week, a celebration of the triumph of good over evil, we say Happy Purim, and as we grieve the unspeakable violence toward Muslims families in New Zealand, we renew our commitment to our children and families to our school community as a welcoming and inclusive family of learning and friendship for all.

    In the last week of our March is Reading Month celebration, we are looking forward to a few more events and activities. Students and teachers will finish reading the book Wishtree by Katherine Applegate. Our own "wishtree" in the hallway outside the library is bursting with wishes, both personal and global.

    Classes enjoyed a visit by both Bongo, the crow from the story, and Bubba, our library bear. Each time they travelled, they carried a class generated, kind message to the next class. In addition, classes have been filling their "Kindness Jars" with acts of kindness that students have seen around the school.

    On Wednesday evening, third grade students are excited to share their creations in music, theater and library with their families. Rounding things out, Friday is pajama day and our all-school read-a-thon in the afternoon. Students will also enjoy an all-school recess! It's been a thoughtful, hopeful, and compassionate reading month at Burns Park. Let's keep these conversations going at home and at school.

    Thank you Ms. Noble, students, and for all families who were able to join us for music informances this past week. It is a great treat to see the joy that our students experience in their songs, movement, and learning, in music class.

    It has also been fun to welcome students at the crosswalk on Granger as we begin our flag crossing program on that corner. As we see a different perspective of our school community we are reminded again of the richness we share in relationship and we are grateful for your response to reminders for safe driving and watchfulness at these very busy times of the day.

    We are happy to invite you to this year’s Elementary Engineering Exploration Day at the University of Michigan with the Society of Women Engineers. The event will be held on Saturday, April 13th from 10:00 am - 1:30 pm.

    EEE Day is a wonderful opportunity for children in 1st-5th grade to have a hands-on, interactive engineering experience. The Society of Women Engineers strives to teach elementary school students that engineering can be a fun and creative career. This year’s theme is Pirates, and costumes are encouraged. For more information and to register, visit this link:

    https://www.swe.engin.umich.edu/eeeday If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach Emily Mangutz at this address:swe.elementary@umich.edu

    If you, or any adult you know, would be available and interested in working as a noon hour supervisor, we’d love to have you!  This is a critical time of our day where we could use more help.  If you are interested in part time work, the rate of pay is $13 per hour and we can pay up to 3 hours a day.  If you are interested in volunteering your time, that would work to.  Please contact Laura wolfwolf@aaps.k12.mi.us for inquiries or more information.  

    It’s not too early to think about the Burns Park Run. If you are interested in registering, here is the link:https://runsignup.com/Race/MI/AnnArbor/burnsparkrun

    If you and your family members would like to train with our partners, The Ann Arbor Track Club, you may wish to join the Run the River training sessions Here is a link to find out more, or to register: http://aatrackclub.org/events/

    One of our teaching assistants, Liz VanGordon, left work on Monday, March 11 to go to the hospital around 2:15 pm. She welcomed Jacob Francis into the world at 3:47pm!  He’s 19 and a half inches and 7lb 7oz. both mom and baby are doing well! (And pretty darn impressed by Liz and Jacob’s timing!)

    Tomorrow, Mr. Hatt will be with Mrs. Hatt as she has shoulder surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff and tendon damage and Ms. Wolf will be with her father who will have shoulder replacement surgery. (We know, it’s a somewhat strange coincidence that both of us will be out with family members having shoulder surgery on the same day. Sometimes the universe is efficient, or at least playful.) Please keep us and our family members in your thoughts.

    Many students and staff are coming down with the flu and we are getting some deep cleaning from custodial services to help suppress germs and viruses. Here is a reminder about AAPS school policy regarding response to fever or vomiting and school attendance.

    A child with a temperature of 101°F or greater should stay home. The child should not return until 24 hours of no fever, without the use of fever-reducing medications. A child that has vomited two or more times should stay home. The child should have no vomiting for 24 hours (unless a health care provider has determined that the child is not infectious) before returning to school.

    There has been more than enough bad news as of late. Skies are gray more often than we’d like and we are well past ready to move on from winter weather. It is a great gift to be with our children each day and to witness their enthusiasm for learning and play, and their constant generosity and kindness for each other. We hope you can check in from time to time and be inspired, as we are, by our greatest hope, and most important responsibility, the children who will inherit the world we are leaving for them. Thank you for joining us in their care.

    Your Principals,

    Chuck and Laura


    Dear Fantastic Burns Park Families!

    We hope this finds you enjoying what we hope is the last of the snow, and the amazing sunshine that seems to be pushing its way to Spring!

    We wanted to share with all of you the link to the Sign-up-Genius for our annual March is Reading Month celebration, the Read-a-thon.  One of our favorite annual events, the read-a-thon will take place this Friday March 22 from 2:00-3:00 pm and will be taking place in the lower grade level classrooms. Every year Jenn reads, with much dramatic flair, “The Monster Museum” by Marilyn Singer. I love the fun we get to have with the kiddos!  If you have any spare time on Friday afternoon treat yourself to a wonderful experience sharing your favorite books and dramatic talent with our young readers!  Here you can find the link to the Sign-up-Genius for the event. Our hardworking March Is Reading Month committee is hoping to get enough volunteers to make this a successful event for the kids.


    Please plan to join us on Thursday, March 21st at 7:00 p.m. for the March PTO monthly meeting!

    See below for exciting information on upcoming events, including BP Annual Blood Drive, March is Reading Month and the Burns Park Run.  Please also see information on submitting photos for our BP yearbook, so we can see all of those sweet faces.

    41st Annual Burns Park Run

    Don't forget the Burns Park Run Sign Up is live!  Please see below. More information will follow but please check out the website and plan to participate on May 5th.


    Another HUGE thank you to those of you who have come forward to inquire about open positions on the PTO, we are also still in need of several officers for the PTO for the 2019 - 2020 school year. Please contact Jennifer Monk-Reising or Jill Schloff if you would like to get more information on how rewarding it is to be a board member of our fantastic Burns Park PTO!

    As always, please feel free to email us if you have any questions.


    Jennifer Monk-Reising


    Jill Schloff


    Burns Park PTO Co-Presidents 2018-2019



    3/21 PTO Meeting - 7pm in the Library (childcare will be provided)

    3/20 Deadlines for submissions to the BP Press

    3/20 March is Reading Month Family Night

    3/22 All School Read-A-Thon

    3/25 - 3/29 No School Spring Break


    We are very excited about this year’s March is Reading Month activities. This year, Ms. Erdstein, our Librarian, Ms. Noble, our Music teacher Ms. Becker, our Art teacher, and Ms. Kelmigian, our Theater teacher, are working together around our literacy theme on welcoming which will feature an all-school read of the book,  Wishtree by Katherine Applegate    NYT book review

    Other highlights will include an Everyone is Welcome Here school art project, a family night for third graders on March 20th featuring music, theater, and library activities, a finale assembly on March 22nd (before our annual read-a-thon) and many other activities. Please stay tuned for more information about March is Reading Month at Burns Park.  See the sign up for our annual read-a-thon below!




    April 17, 2019 is the day.  My class and I will treat you like Royalty. You can save up to 3 lives with your pint of blood.

    To sign up, go here and type in sponsor code bpe (for Burns Park Elementary School) : https://www.redcrossblood.org/give.html/find-drive

    Consider giving double Reds (for type O, A negative or B negative donors). We'll have two machines there. More info here:https://www.redcrossblood.org/…/typ…/power-red-donation.html

    Here is a story about one of our drives: http://news.a2schools.org/largest-elementary-school-blood-…/

    See you there!!

    Sandy Kreger

    (Lucky 5th grade teacher)


    BURNS PARK RUN 201941st Annual Burns Park Run

    The 41st Annual Burns Park Run will take place Sunday, May 5, 2019. This is the largest fundraiser for the Burns Park PTO. We hope you will join us to run, walk, cheer or volunteer as we have fun and raise funds! Registration for the Run is available at: https://runsignup.com/Race/MI/AnnArbor/burnsparkrun?remMeAttempt=

    See you Sunday, May 5th!

    The Burns Park Run is in need of a Volunteer Coordinator for this year’s run!  This year’s run is Sunday, May 6 and is only successful because of the 130+ volunteers that help run the day!

    The Volunteer Coordinator will help to recruit and communicate with volunteers.

    Please contact the race directors if you are interested- racedirectors@burnsparkrun.org

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Dave Lowenschuss, Kate Flewelling and Elizabeth Villiard

    2019 Race Directors


    Hello Burns Park Family!

    My name is Mona Aljabr and I am in charge of the yearbook this year.

    If you have any group pictures from school activities, please share them with me! (Halloween, field trips, special events organized by school)

    • Please note that only school activities pictures are accepted, (no rec&ed or personal events)

    • Please include the class name with your pictures.

    Please email to


    or upload to this folder


    Burns Park Lunch Schedule 2018-2019