Clague Middle School

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  • Kyron Harvell, Principal, ext. 31203

    Crystal Fluker, Asst. Principal ext. 31202

    Randolph Hull, Interim Asst. Principal ext. 31202

    MAIN OFFICE: 734-994-1976                

    STUDENT ABSENCE LINE                     734-994-1982                                      Leave a message to report students' absence/tardy before 9:00 am - day of absence   

    ATTENDANCE OFFICE                     734-994-1978                                  Daily student check in/out, medicine, clinic, student forms/records

    COUNSELING AND ENROLLMENT  734-994-1980.                            Enrollments and Counselor meetings


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    Principal Newsletter June 3 - 7

              2024-25 Incoming 6th Grade                                                 Orientation Presentation               


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    schools to watch  Clague Middle School has recently been designated as a "School to Watch" by the National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform!

    To achieve Schools to Watch designation, a middle school must demonstrate that it has met the following criteria:

    1. It is academically excellent and challenges all students.

    2. It is developmentally responsive and sensitive to the unique developmental challenges of early adolescents.

    3. The school is socially equitable, democratic and fair, providing all students with high-quality teachers, resources and supports.

    4. The school has norms, structures and organizational arrangements to support and sustain its path toward excellence.

     "Clague Middle School is a wonderful place for middle grade youth to grow, learn, and explore. Students are happy and behave as learners. The climate of caring is obvious from the moment the students enter the building. Students are set-up for success with supports, prompts and encouragement. Classrooms had clear learning objectives. The building is spacious providing ample space for special needs. Minimal class time is spent dealing with discipline issues and everyone understands that there is a focus on learning." --Quote from Schools to Watch report

    Our Motto: Live in service to our community  -- Ashley Hubert Clague

    Our Mission Statement: It is the mission of the Clague Middle School Community to create positive, safe, success-oriented learning environment designed to meet the unique and challenging individual needs of all our students. 



    OK2SAY - Michigan Student Safety Program




Daily Announcements


    Our goal at Clague is to create a caring and cooperative community.  We expect everyone to:



       Be SAFE

       Be CARING

    Everywhere, both in the building and out in the community.


    Words of Wisdom:


    "People who end up as 'first' don't actually set out to be first. They set out to do something they love and it just so happenthat they are the first to do it.


     - Condoleezza Rice







District Spotlight


  • The Ann Arbor Public Schools has partnered with PowerSchool Enrollment to allow parents to pre-enroll their students online. Please see our Who Can Apply page for more information.

    Enrollment Process:

    1. Determine which enrollment options are available and best suit your student.
    2. Complete an online pre-enrollment application.
    3. Complete the full enrollment by email invitation, and upload the required enrollment documents.

    Ann Arbor Public Schools is proud to offer multiple enrollment options for our families in order to best serve our community.

    Follow this link to get started.