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  • Yearbook Orders: Order your yearbook, The Midnight Sun at Bigger book, more pages, more value--same price as last year! Order by April 5, 2020 to ensure you get your copy! $45 (plus online service fee)

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  • Community High Jazz Wins Western Invitational: Congrats to our combo from CHS, Jazz Underworld, for winning The Western Invitational for best combo!

    CHS group and individual award winners from the day:
    Best Invitational Combo: Jazz Underworld (Jake Lee, Noah Hogan, Oliver Mayman, Terrence Vick, Jibreel Johnson, Daniel Bennett, Ethan Kahana)
    Best Invitational Soloist (Improvisor) of all festival combos: Jake Lee (CHS)
    Best Invitational Soloist of all Big Bands: Tim Kohn (CHS with Huron High's Big Band)
    Two out of four "Outstanding Combos": CHS's Unified Field Theory and Funk's Dream (UFT - Tim Kohn, Aris Chalin, Jake Lee, Oliver Mayman, Jonah Eichner, and FD - Josh Moss, Rowan Tucker-Meyer, Ben Reynolds, Jack DeBona, Chris Pyke, Austin Aldrich)

    CHS students who won citations for outstanding soloing (improvising): Jake Lee, Noah Hogan, Oliver Mayman, Terrence Vick, Jibreel Johnson, Daniel Bennett, Ethan Kahana, Tim Kohn, Aris Chalin, Jonah Eichner, Rowan Tucker-Meyer, Chris Pyke, Austin Aldrich, Gordon Lewis, Sacha Verlon, Etai Smotrich-Barr, Anton Greene, Max Mellor, and Max Klarman

    Watch videos of the winning band (Jazz Underworld) in the night concert from Dan Mayman:
    All our groups videoed by Lisa Kohn from their adjudicated daytime sessions, which had live audiences and comments from the judges at the end of each: WMU Jazz Fest 3.23.19
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  • Congratulations to senior Quincy Jenkins for receiving the Young Men of Promise award from the Delta Psi Omega Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority! The chapter's annual Celebration of Black Men recognizes the contributions and accomplishments of local Black men who have made significant contributions to our community in the arts, community service, education, and business/economics, and as trailblazers. The Young Men of Promise award is granted during the celebration to area high school Black male seniors who are nominated by their high school counselors in recognition of their academic achievements and contributions to the school community.

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