Dicken Elementary

Ann Arbor Public Schools

Dicken Office (734)-994-1928

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  • Mission Statement 

    “Dicken School's positive, safe environment and strong measurable academic focus empowers our diverse community of students to achieve their full potential as lifelong learners.”


    • All Dicken students have the resources and support they need to meet grade level outcomes:
    • Dicken School continually focuses on effective student learning
    • Individualized classroom instruction meets the learning styles of all students
    • Communication fosters partnerships with students, staff, families, & community
    • Knowledge empowers students for success in the 21st century
    • Every student is engaged in his or her learning
    • Necessary life skills and appreciation of diversity prepare Dicken students to be global citizens

    Core Belief Statements

    Learning – We believe all children can learn and that they all learn in different ways.

    Responsibility  - We believe that it is the responsibility of all members of our learning community to foster a positive environment.

    Diversity – We believe that diversity enriches our learning community.

    Relationships – We believe that personal relationships with adults and peers are critical to student success and learning.

    Flexibility- We believe that individuality should be respected and fostered in an atmosphere where flexiblity builds opportunities for success. 

    Respect- We believe that all individuals should be respectful of one another, their school, and their community.

    Safety- We believe that everyone in the Dicken School community deserves physical and emotional safety in all school environments.