Dicken Elementary

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Dicken Office (734)-994-1928

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  •  The Annual Dicken Talent Show - Friday, May 31st

    Auditions to be held:

    K-2 May 15th-16th (11:30-12:18)

    3-5 May 16th-17th (12:18-1:10) 


    Audition Contract available HERE

    To audition:

    • Students must turn in your form to the office beforehand or bring the form, filled out and ready, to the audition (all performers). Parents may sign, but are not required to.

    • Have instruments, props or music ready and with the performer (a piano will be provided).

    • If more than one performer is in the act, the whole group must come together.

    • You must have the track of music needed for the act (if needed) and it must be kid-friendly and clean. No exceptions. *A LINK to the song will NOT work. The song file MUST be downloaded and attached to an email OR provided on a CD or USB drive.

    If you are not ready when you come to audition you will be sent away to practice and try again until auditions are over.

    *As in previous years acts must be 90 seconds or less, students perform in ONE act.


    Welcome back Principal Madison! 



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    Mission Statement 

    Dicken School will inspire all students as leaders to achieve their full academic and social potential as lifelong learners.

    We will emphasize equity and opportunity for each and every child, each and every day.

    Vision: All Dicken students have the resources and support they need to meet grade level outcomes:

    • Dicken School continually focuses on effective student learning
    • Individualized classroom instruction meets the learning styles of all students
    • Communication fosters partnerships with students, staff, families, & community
    • Knowledge empowers students for success in the 21st century
    • Every student is engaged in his or her learning
    • Necessary life skills and appreciation of diversity prepare Dicken students to be global citizens