Current Wednesday Packet Letter

  • Wednesday, January 16th

    Dear families,

    Welcome back to all! It is wonderful to see all the happy faces back at school. Friday, January 11 was the 80th day of school already and, barring any weather days, it looks like February will mark the 100th day of school this year - tempus fugit! The enrollment process for the 2019-2020 school year has started. Orientation and tour dates are listed on our calendar for interested families.


    Thank you to all the parents and guests who cut, glued, swept, researched, presented, visited, and volunteered in order to make this year’s Multicultural Fair possible. This signature event is a showcase of student directed learning around classroom themes. The transformation of the auditorium not only reflects the hard work of our 7/8 team, but also the learning of students and teachers over years and across subject areas. Did you notice that the student 3D displays have levelled up since Deb joined us? I heard many adults remark about how much they learned about Detroit through visiting the auditorium. There are many stereotypes about this remarkable city, and the rich work presented in the auditorium helped many learn that Detroit is a major world cultural center, known for contributions to music, industry, art, architecture, and more.

    Enrollment letters

    As the lottery date approaches, it will be critical for us to know about any siblings of current students who may be planning to enroll for the 2019-2020 school year. If you have an incoming kindergartner, please keep an eye out for an enrollment survey this month. If you are unsure if your child is ready for kindergarten, please review the information in this packet.

    Conjunctivitis b.k.a Pink Eye

    Amongst other common infections, conjunctivitis, better known as pink eye, shows up in school every year. This year it seems there may be a particularly hearty strain. You may wish to speak to your child’s medical care provider if you suspect an infection.

    High School

    It is the season for High School Open Houses and counselor visits for our 8th graders. Our counselor, Kelly, has sent information out to families via email, (, or visit her informative website if you don’t have the various places, dates, and times.  

    Remember to label coats, lunch boxes (include teacher name), mittens, boots, gloves, and other valuable material possessions!

    Educationally yours,

    Karen and Chris