Extended Day Program

  • 2022-2023 School Year

    Commuter Before and After Care

    Rec & Ed has a limited number of spaces available in the After Care programs at Abbot, Lakewood and Pittsfield. We are opening these spots to students/families who can provide transportation to reach these locations.

    The After Care program runs 5 days/week from the end of the school day to 6:00 p.m. There is no part-time care. Learn more about the program’s goals, structure, and fees here

    All commuter students must be dropped off at the After Care location between 3:45pm and 3:55pm.

    Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis to families who fill out and sign the Commuter After Care Information and Agreement Form here. Space is limited. 

    The Commuter After Care Agreement must be received in order to complete the registration process. 

    Questions? Contact Amy Hepp at aapschildcare@aaps.k12.mi.us 


    Please call 734 994 2300 X 53253 to register for Abbot, Angell (PM only), Carpenter, Lakewood, Mitchell, and Pittsfield EDP. Please view site openings here

    • The price of the program will be divided into equal payments in a payment plan.
    • Extended Day Program Parent Handbook


    Extended Day Program - Before/After Care

    We understand how important before and after school care is to working families in AAPS. Rec & Ed's Before/After Care program promotes children's wellbeing through enrichment activities, positive relationships, and a safe environment. Rec & Ed is actively hiring qualified staff for Fall 2022 with the intention of adding at least two more sites beyond the current five. Our child care licenses are up-to-date in 13 additional buildings -- all we need is staff. 

    Join Our Friendly and Caring Team!

    To attract and retain staff, we have increased pay rates for all positions, added benefits, and are offering a fall financial bonus. Schedules are flexible, with both part-time and full-time opportunities ranging from assistant to program director. Find out more on our employment opportunities page.

    Three schedules are available for families:

    • Full time - AM and PM 5 days/week
    • AM only - 5 days/week
    • PM only - 5 days/week
    *For full-time care, please register for both the AM and PM sessions.


    As an organization, we must balance paying employees a competitive wage and benefits with keeping the prices affordable for families. Fees for the 2022-23 school year will increase to offer a higher base pay for all positions, provide benefits, and give fall retention bonuses.

    Assistance for Program Fees

    Programs are available to families needing financial assistance who meet income eligibility requirements:

    • The Michigan Tri-Share Program, coordinated locally by the Child Care Network. More information here.
    • The Childcare Network has a family support program. More information here.
    • The Rec & Ed Scholarship Program offers tens of thousands of dollars of fee waivers to families each year. We offer 25%, 50% and 75% fee waivers to those who apply and qualify. Families may apply for the standard scholarship at any time. This scholarship requires additional documentation. The free & reduced scholarship application for the 2022-2023  is available here.

    Extended Day Program - After School Enrichment Classes and Programs

    Rec & Ed's Extended Day Program includes after school classes that run until 5:00 or 5:30 p.m. one day per week for 6-12 weeks. Classes include art, drama, science, chess, sports, and more. For more information regarding after school enrichment classes for fall 2022, check aarecedonline.com in mid-August. Interested in offering an after school class? Visit the Apply to Teach page.

Before/After Care Contacts