Welcome to “Rec & Ed”

  • For almost 100 years, AAPS Community Education and Recreation, aka Rec & Ed, has provided a wide variety of high quality, affordable enrichment and recreational opportunities to residents of Ann Arbor and surrounding communities. Staff in our five divisions -- Team Sports, Lifelong Learning, Early Childhood, Before/After Care, and Administration -- serve about 19,000 youth and 18,500 adults annually, from birth to senior adult.

    Our core values drive our mission to enhance the quality of life for our community through recreation and education: 

    • promote well-being    

    • build community   

    • be inclusive

    • meet AAPS and community needs   

    • ensure Rec & Ed’s continued ability to provide services to the community

    We strive to serve one and all in our community! Our many classes and programs are available in convenient locations throughout Ann Arbor -- in school buildings, city recreational facilities and other community locations. We offer a generous scholarship program and adapted programming  for differently-abled children and adults.  

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    FAQs about Rec & Ed 

    How is Rec & Ed funded?

    Although for over 50 years Rec & Ed received funding from the Ann Arbor Public School District and the City of Ann Arbor, currently support comes from fees, donations and grants. We wouldn’t exist, however, without the “in-kind” help we receive from both the AAPS and the City.

    Does Rec & Ed allow citizen input?

    Absolutely! The Community Education philosophy is based on the idea that public schools should be open for community use year-round. It’s also a philosophy of citizen involvement, where programs are developed and provided based on what is needed in each community. To live up to this goal, Rec & Ed staff routinely conduct surveys, focus groups, and simply talk to people around town to find out what the community would like us to offer.