• August, 2023

    Dear Families,  


    Welcome to a new school year 2023-24!  I’m Jamie and I’m excited to meet new as well as returning  families. We’ve been especially busy this year unloading boxes and prepping the classroom for the new year ahead. 


    A little about me to help us get to know one another better: I’ve been teaching for over twenty years. I’ve taught preschool, kindergarten and first/second grade. I’m married and have three adult children, one son and two daughters, all who went to Open School. I love being outdoors, biking, vacationing in the U.P.  and spending time with family and friends.


    My summer started off relaxing in Ann Arbor and participating in many local activities. Unfortunately our summer took a turn in late July. We had a family emergency that involved an immediate family member. Therefore I  will need to start the year off having Jesse Deucher as the guest/substitute teacher taking my place.


    The first/second grade cohort and Jesse will be working closely together to plan, make adjustments if necessary in the schedule and create a supportive community together. I have every expectation that the year will get off to a good start. Jesse  will be in contact with you during my absence. My plan to return will be at the beginning of October, depending on the progression and needs of my family. Please contact Jesse with concerns or questions during this time.


    Here’s some information to help you get to know Jesse better: I've been at Open as a TA, a student teacher (in 1/2 with Sarah Kairis), and the spot most of you and your kids know me from, the gym. I'm excited to get the year started off in partnership with Jamie. Like Jamie's kids I am also an A2 Open alum and I love being back as part of the teaching team. When I'm not at school I enjoy spending time Up North near Sleeping Bear Dunes as well as biking, cooking, reading, and hanging out with my two dogs, Kenneth and Walter.


    The  first few weeks of school will be spent working to create a classroom community, teaching expectations as well as the procedures and routines to allow the rest of the year to run smoothly for learning. I hope you will see both Jesse and I as partners in your child’s education. Jesse and I  hope to create a warm and welcoming environment for all.


    A class note will be sent home by email to keep you updated on important information. If  you’re a new family to our classroom or your email has changed from last year, please send me martinja@aaps.k12.mi.us your email address so I can create a class email list for Jesse and I to use this school year. 


    During the time I’m away it would be helpful to contact Jesse deucherj@aaps.k12.mi.us with important information (listed below or questions). If you need to get in touch with us during the school day, it’s best to call the office because we’re not always able to check our email before the end of the school day. 

    Things to know for the first few days:

    *The first day of school is Monday August 28th.

    *The school day begins at 8:15 and ends at 3:18.

    *Please let us know your child’s pick up schedule for the first week of school by the first day (send Jesse and email or send in an index card/note card with your child with the information).

    *Fill out the transportation home card (that will be sent home) to let us know how your child will get home from school on a regular basis so that we will have the card on file in the classroom for a reference.

    *Let us know about any major allergies.

    *Students will need to bring their own personal snack each day and water bottle.

    *A backpack is needed for supplies (lunch, extra clothing, etc). 

    *Label EVERYTHING.

    *Students should enter through the outside “back” door on the upper playground #13 and a sign w/my name. 

    *Gym shoes will need to be worn on P.E. days and swim suits/towel on swim days should be sent in a bag  (swimming won’t start the first week or two- more information soon).

    *Lunch and breakfast are FREE for all students this year!


    Both Jesse and I are looking forward to a fun filled year of learning. 


    Jamie Martin

    martinja@aaps.k12.mi.us 734-474-1874

    Jesse Deucher


    Ann Arbor Open @ Mack 734-994-1910

  • Hello! I am Jamie Martin, and I am a first/second grade teacher at Ann Arbor Open. I love teaching at this school and I love working with my grade level team- Johnny, Luke, Stella and Sarah. We’re a great team together!


    I grew up in West Michigan and received my B.S. in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Endorsement from Eastern Michigan. I began my career in Ann Arbor teaching Preschool and Kindergarten at a private school. I began substitute teaching at Ann Arbor Open when my three children got into our school. I substitute taught long term for years for many of the teachers here (many of whom are retired now) and was hired in 2008 at A2O. I hope to stay here and in this grade level forever! 



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Jamie Martin