• Dear Families, 


    Whether it is welcome back, or welcome to our school, I am so excited to be starting a new year with all of you! Thanks for reading through everything, it’s a lot but it’s important!


    I am looking forward to seeing you all on Monday, August 28th for the first day of school. Our day starts at 8:15 in room 239. Same room as last year, but with some fun upgrades! My first priority at the start of every year is to focus on our classroom community so students can feel welcome, safe, and heard. Raising young ones in this world is hard, but I promise to do my best to shelter and prepare them for the world we live in. It is my goal as an educator to nurture students whole selves, both as complex individuals and as members of a justice-minded community. Because of this I will dedicate ample time in the first few weeks of the school year to community building, the creation of our classroom expectations, and the learning of procedures and routines so that the rest of our year can run smoothly! 


    Curriculum night will be on Thursday, September 14th  this year. If you can’t make it I will send the Slides I share at curriculum night to families with my weekly newsletter that week! Hopefully most of your questions will be answered that night, but if you have any questions before then, please feel free to email me!


    It is very important that I have after school plans for the first day of school in writing so that I can refer back to them if necessary. Please email me with your students' after-school plan for the first day before the first day of school. Green transportation cards will be sent home on the first day of school to let us know how your student will be getting home each day following. If your student goes to different places on certain days it may be helpful to have another copy of this schedule in their backpack. When giving me your plans please make sure that I know the following:

    • If your child will be picked up and whether they will be met at the classroom door or if they should come out to the parking lot. 

    • For bus riders I will need the bus number. 

    If you have the time you can fill out this family survey, the responses will help me learn more about incoming students, and help me see how returning students have changed over the summer! Google Form → (https://forms.gle/vPdPLaBygc9wxbra6)


    And lastly, please review my classroom norms and some recommended to-do’s before the start of the year! 


    Classroom norms : 

    • Please limit the items you send to school with your student. They may bring their backpack, and ONE personal item that must fit inside the backpack with all other things they need for the day. If they cannot make it fit they cannot bring it to school. No toy weapons, Pokemon cards, or glitter please!

    • Please make sure to pack a healthy morning snack and a water bottle for your student to keep at school. 

    • Please allow me 24 hours from the time of seeing an email for my response - if emergency please call the school! 


    Before school starts please:

    • label ALL your students belongings

    • pack, and label, a change of clothes to keep at school 

    • brainstorm a list of healthy snack they can bring to school – students will need a morning and afternoon snack until we get snack donations started again

    • talk about how they will get home on their first day of school so they know what to expect


    Let me know if you have any questions!


    Stella (she/her)



  • Stella Rodriguez