• Mrs. Theriault-Kimmey
    Fifth Grade

    Ms. Theriault-Kimmey

    Dear Families, 

    My name is Emily Theriault-Kimmey and I am extremely excited to partner with you and serve as your child’s teacher this school year. I have worked as an educator in the Ann Arbor Public Schools since 1998, and have served the Pattengill community for over 20 years. I am deeply committed to centering our children, and providing them with equitable and engaging learning experiences that leverage the funds of knowledge that they bring from their home communities. 

    I grew up on the west side of Detroit, but have I lived in Ann Arbor for many years now. I am proud to share that I am a product of the public schools. I live with my partner, who serves as an instructional support specialist in a neighboring school district. I enjoy spending time with my family and connecting with nature. My hobbies include standup paddle boarding, hiking, reading and writing educational literature, and involvement in social justice movements. 

    I hold a bachelor’s degree in science, a master’s degree in English language arts, and I am currently in the final phase of completing my doctoral degree in mathematics at the University of Michigan. In addition to these degrees, I have completed numerous graduate level courses in curriculum and instruction, and am constantly engaged in educational research. In 2012, I received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching from President Barack Obama. 

    Every summer I enjoy teaching at the University of Michigan School of Education. I typically instruct master’s courses or travel the country for the University to instruct practicing teachers, administrators and other school leaders. My specialty as an academic is practice based, justice focused teacher education. I have found that this work interacts synergistically with the instruction that I do at Pattengill, allowing me to continually strengthen my teaching practice and better serve your child. 

    I am looking forward to partnering with you and your family this year. You possess so much knowledge and expertise surrounding your child that I would love to learn about your child directly from you. I ask that you write me a letter about your child sharing whatever information you feel comfortable with. Please email this communication to kimmeye@aaps.k12.mi.us at your convenience. I am very excited to meet and get to know your child. I know we will experience an amazing year of growth together! 

    Warm regards,