• Miss Bowol

     Miss Bawol

    My name is Emily Bawol and I am SO very excited to be your art teacher this year! What an adventure we will have! This year we will be working as artists, being flexible, being creative, and having FUN, together, more than anything else. We will look at art this year like a new adventure, finding different ways to make our art, look at things in the world, and answer our creative questions, and we will do this with our amazing artist brains!

    I am originally from Michigan, and went to Michigan State University where I learned how to be an art teacher. After having the chance to teach art to middle schoolers for a few years I decided that I not only wanted to be an art teacher, but I wanted to be an art therapist as well! I learned how to use art as a language to  help people with all sorts of feelings big and small. I love helping all people to know how to use art as a language, because we all have LOTS to say, and sometimes we maybe need a little help saying all the things! That’s where I come in.

    Not only am I an artist, and art teacher, and art therapist as well, but I’m also a mama of two awesome and creative humans, Etta and Lyla, and I have a super nice man and partner named Brian who is also an artist and musician and maker of things! When our family is together we really love going on adventures across the country, find lovely forests to hike in, and cook and eat delicious foods together. I must also mention our two fuzzy buddies, our cats Diego and Rosey, who we found in a barn and came to live with us when we moved to Ann Arbor, from Portland, Oregon, where we lived for EIGHT awesome and mountain filled years!

    Miss Emily