There are two existing academic programs on The Pathways Campus. The day program, which consists of up to 6 classes per day, from 7:45 AM – 2:39 PM
    is designed for students who may thrive in a smaller, more intimate environment. It has an academic focus in a business-like atmosphere that reflects the priorities of the Pathways program characterized by internship opportunities, career development, college readiness, interdisciplinary/ project base learning with an emphasis on student discipline and responsible decision making.

    The evening program, which consists of up to four classes (blended model of computer based and teacher led instruction) from 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM and is also designed for students pursuing a GED, and those preferring an online academic experience. Our evening program is also designed for students who wish for a more flexible offering of credit recovery. Similarly, those students who have been recommended for Pathways by the District Hearing Panel will be placed into our evening program until requirements are satisfied. These program options or a blended menu of program options will be customized when possible to meet the needs of student learners and ensure academic success.


    Dual enrollment is offered with Washtenaw Community College (WCC); this is where students take classes at Pathways and WCC. They earn credits toward high school graduation while simultaneously earning credits toward an associate degree in a particular area of concentration. Dual enrollment is reserved for juniors and seniors.

    Split enrollment is offered with all the other high schools within Ann Arbor Public Schools; this is where students take classes at both Pathways and their home attendance school. It is ideal for the student wishing to take courses (band, music, auto) that are not available on the Pathways Campus. Split enrollment is offered to students with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.7 or higher.

    Credit Recovery provides options to students lagging behind in credits and need to catch up. Pathways offers evening classes to students who need coursework in particular subject areas where they may be deficient or must take in order to meet the State of Michigan graduation requirements.

    GED, or commonly referred to as adult education coursework, is also offered in the evening for those who may have aged out of the traditional high school offer- ing or for those who just wish to pursue a non-diploma.

    Virtual Options offers on line learning or a blended on line learning experience coupled with face to face instruction along with access to on line classes accessible through Ann Arbor Public Schools new Virtual Academy. On line learning allows students to keep up and catch up on graduation credits as well as explore new areas of interest and skillfulness. Qualified teachers oversee all virtual learning.