1655 Newport Road
    Ann Arbor, MI 48103
    Phone: 734-994-1989
Title First Name Last Name Position Email More Info
Mr. Paul Bailey Orchestra baileypl@a2schools.org
Ms. Susan Bartman Art bartman@a2schools.org
Ms. Kelli Bert Health & Physical Education bertk@a2schools.org
Mr. William Campbell Project Lead The Way campbellw@a2schools.org
Mr. Charles Centivany Project Lead The Way centivanyc@a2schools.org
Ms. Kristi Crowell Orchestra crowellk@a2schools.org
Ms. Larissa Czuchnowsky Spanish czuchnow@a2schools.org http://czuchnow.weebly.com/
Ms. Shadarra Fields Choir fieldss@a2schools.org
Ms. Jodi Kinnard Health & Physical Education kinnard@a2schools.org
Ms. Candee Klein Performing Arts kleinc@a2schools.org
Mr. Cary Kocher Band Kocher@a2schools.org Google Classroom for all band classes
Ms. Erin Lilliefors Band lillieforse@a2schools.org Google Classroom for all band classes
Ms. Delia Powell Physical Education powelld@a2schools.org
Ms. Margaret Raupp Spanish rauppm@a2schools.org
Ms. Mary Shymanski French shymanski@a2schools.org