• Bryant and Pattengill Schools are teamed to create the only Paired Schools in the Ann Arbor School District.  The Paired concept was implemented in September 1986 as a result of a reorganization throughout the School District.  It draws students from several areas in southern Ann Arbor, including Briar Hill, Briarwood, Bryant, Georgetown, Lake Forest, Oak Meadows, Pattengill, Stonebridge, Stone School, Valley Ranch and Weatherstone neighborhoods, creating a diverse and culturally rich community.  

    Bryant serves children from Kindergarten through Grade 2 while Pattengill serves the older children in Grades 3-5.  This unique structure creates a rich learning opportunity, which allows the Super Pair to focus on the distinct developmental needs of the children at each of the two schools.  It also results in multiple teachers at each grade level, which expands the variety of teaching expertise available to our students and staff.

    Bryant classrooms are paired with classrooms at Pattengill and many joint learning experiences take place during the year.  Several activities during the school year are held with Bryant and Pattengill jointly, such as Family Math Night, the Ice Cream Social in May and alternate PTO meetings.