• Welcome to Preschool!

    This year I am working as an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Consultant at Westerman Preschool & Family Center, Thurston Elementary School, and in Community Preschools within the Ann Arbor area.  I work with students within their learning environments, supporting them directly and through consultation with their teaching teams and families.  Some examples of the skills and areas that I help support are:

    • Social-Emotional Development
      • Forming friendships, managing emotions and behaviors, expanding play skills
    • Social Communication
      • Taking turns, participating in back and forth conversations, asking and answering questions, understanding non-verbal communication such as, gestures and facial expressions, etc.
    • School-Readiness Skills
      • Independence within routines, increasing instructional control such as, the ability to follow classroom directions and participate in daily activities
    • Early-Academics
      • Colors, shapes, letters, numbers, name recognition, etc.

     I look forward to working with all of you!