Kindergarten with Carlson

  • I hope everyone had a restful, relaxing and fun winter break.  As we return we are reviewing rules and routines so all can learn and have fun.

    Your child brought home a large plastic bag of books.  PLease have your child practice reading these often.  These books have words that your child is seeing often in the books they are reading and are writing at school.

  • Parent Lending Library

    Posted by Stephanie Carlson on 10/28/2018 10:30:00 AM

    The Parent Lending Library is a free service open to all Bryant families. It is made up of several carts of books, labeled by reading level.  Choose 2-3 books at your child’s level, and return them the following week. There is no “check-out” process, just browse, choose and go. You can also return them to your child’s teacher.

    WHEN:  Wednesdays, 8:30-5:30

    WHERE:  Bryant Lobby

    WHY:  Your child’s independent reading at home should be fluent and relatively easy. Choosing the correct leveled books means your child should be able to read smoothly, and will avoid stopping frequently for unknown words.  This allows your child to focus on enjoying the book and comprehending the story or information in the text. Ask your teacher for you child’s independent reading level, or use his/her RAZ Kids level to choose books from the Parent Lending Library.


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  • Cooler Weather

    Posted by Stephanie Carlson on 10/28/2018 10:00:00 AM

    Please dress your child in layers.  Our room is toasty warm so children may need to shed a layer but will want them back to head outside.

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  • 10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

    Posted by Stephanie Carlson on 8/14/2018


    1. Read books everyday.

    2. Develop fine motor skills: holding a pencil, coloring, cutting with scissors.

    3. Print first name with only the first letter capitalized.

    4. Learn to follow 2-step instructions: “Please go get your shoes and then put them on.

    5. Use good manners: “Please” and “Thank You”

    6. Talk about social skills: sharing, taking turns, positive words, talk about handling anger.

    7. Help your child take responsibility: clean up messes, dress themselves, get their own snacks.

    8. Practice number recognition: Count objects daily.

    9. Practice letter and sound recognition. Practice saying the letters and their sounds every day.

    10. Build self-esteem. Praise your child often because Kindergarten is hard!


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  • Outside our classroom is our classroom giving tree.  This treee has supplies that we can always use in the class, please help out if you can!

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  • On your child’s snack day please send in a class snack for 21.   If you are not able to supply snack let me know so I may plan accordingly.  Please remember NO NUTS or EGGS!

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