Dr. Jeanice Kerr Swift

  • Superintendent Swift
    Hello Students, Staff, Parents and AAPS Community,
    Thank you for all your work ‘A2gether’ over this fall, 2016. The past months have proven a challenging time for our Ann Arbor community as we have experienced significant loss within our AAPS family. 
    This time of year is also an inspiring time as we witness our A2gether spirit in the manifold daily acts of our citizens coming together in support of our children and each other. Our A2gether motto represents the very heart of our Ann Arbor community - Joining together, reaching out to care, and giving generously to help others in our schools and community is the very nature of our Ann Arbor Public Schools organization. We are ‘A2gether’ for our children in our Ann Arbor Public Schools.
    carpenter giving tree
  • Debbie Williams-Hoak While the AAPS Team regularly participates in a number of giving programs throughout the year, over recent weeks, our daily work has risen to a celebration of outreach, connection and care across our Ann Arbor community.
    One of the many examples of our giving in Ann Arbor is the Magic of Christmas Foundation, started by Debbie Williams-Hoak, which has served AAPS students for over 10 years. This very generous program has expanded over recent years to help our growing number of families with needs over the holidays.
    Durham elves Just this week, busloads (thank you, Durham!) of gifts have been picked up, wrapped and shared with more than 300 of our AAPS families. In addition, we hear so many stories of staff, PTO, and other giving endeavors across all of our schools; the numerous individual school stories are both impressive and inspiring!
    The generous support of our AAPS employees and community members will ensure that many Ann Arbor Public Schools families will have lovely gifts and warm clothing for their children thanks to the outreach of AAPS employees, parents, and community members who 'adopted' families in our district.
    Skyline HBS student volunteers I am so proud of these efforts as we join together with open hearts and generous spirits - these caring acts show that, indeed, we are a community who is ‘A2gether’ in the truest sense of the word. Coming together on behalf of our children is not just what we do, it represents who we are in the AAPS, in Ann Arbor.
    As we close out 2016, I hope you will reflect on and celebrate these beautiful ‘A2gether’ highlights of our work together for children so far this school year. Truly, despite whatever challenges come our way, we realize that we are so fortunate as we are reminded daily of reasons for hope in the faces of each of our beautiful 17,448 children.

    Over this upcoming Winter Break, I wish you rest and renewal. I hope that you experience the rewards of connection with our children, with family and friends. Thank you for making a positive and profound difference in the lives of our children in the Ann Arbor Public Schools and across our Ann Arbor community.
    We are A2gether,
    Jeanice Swift