2020 DC Trip: Cancelled

  • Hello 8th Grade Families.  Below is information about the cancellation of the 8th grade trip and the process on how to claim the maximum refund.    Follow the SIX steps below and please be patient.  Corporate Travel is working as fast as they can to respond to emails and requests but it could take a couple of weeks for a response.  I have also included the school messenger emails for your reference.

    Step One: Email to cancel the trip.  Directions are included in the first school messenger email.  Before April 9th, 2020.  

    Step Two: Wait for a response from for confirmation of the cancelled trip.  This could take a couple of days/weeks depending on their load of emails.  

    Step Three: Corporate Travel will email you a final invoice with the confirmation of cancellation and your refund back.  This email will also contain two documents.  Your invoice (confirmation of benefits) with all money paid and refunded, the insurance claim information and number, and contact information.  The second document is just information about the travel insurance. Look for this line in the email: Your group included travel protection through our partner, Travel Insured, and attached you will find your Confirmation of Benefits and Full Protection Policy. Page 3 of your Confirmation of Benefits contains instructions on how to file a claim. Whether you purchased a policy through Travel Insured or another agency, we recommend contacting your provider as soon as possible to begin the claims process.  This email could also take a couple of days/weeks depending on Corporate Travels load of emails.   

    Step Four: Go to the insurance company website to start your claim.  Use the Confirmation of Benefits form emailed to you from Corporate Travel to complete this step.  The information needed looks like this on page three of the document.  


    Screen shots of how to start your claim are below.  Continue scrolling after screen shots for remaining steps in process.  

    Step 1



    Step 2


    Step 3

    Step 5: File the claim online with Travel Insured.  They will ask you for the following documents.  See the answers (where to find) underlined to help you with your response.  You have 15 months to claim the 75% of the $470 non-refundable fee. 

    Cancellation Form Sample (Updated April 20)

    Thank you for your claim notification. The following is needed to review your claim:

    • Trip Cancellation Claim Form - Travel Insured provides a claims form when the parent reaches out (by phone or online).
    • Land/Tour Terms and Conditions: Copy of the Cancellation Penalties of the Tour Company or Travel Supplier. On the Cancellation Confirmation email from Corporate Travel.
    • Land/Tour Invoices: Copies of the invoices showing the cost of the land or tour arrangements.  On the Cancellation Confirmation email from Corporate Travel.
    • Land/Tour Payments: Copies of the canceled checks, cash receipts or credit card statements showing the payments made for the land or tour arrangements. On the Cancellation Confirmation email from Corporate Travel.
    • Land/Tour Refunds: A copy of the refund check or credit received from the tour operator or travel agent. If you have not received a refund, please have your agent state this in writing. On the Cancellation Confirmation email from Corporate Travel.
    • Land/Tour Itinerary: A copy of the itinerary showing the destinations and dates of travel. Copy of the handout from Slauson.  See Attached!
    • Travel Agent or Tour Leader Cancellation Statement: A letter from your agent or tour leader confirming the date the trip was cancelled. If no agent was used, please send proof of your cancellation.The individual’s cancellation date is noted in the cancellation confirmation email from Corporate Travel.
    • Verification of Cancellation: Documentation indicating the reason why you needed to cancel your trip. -Write COVID – 19 Concerns

    Step 6: Watch email for any additional information from Travel Insured.  

    Attachments for reference:  

    DC Gettysburg Trip Information Flier

    DC Cancel Message #1

    DC Cancel Message #2