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    right now!


    Seek out what is beautiful and hopeful! 

    On my classroom site I will post assignments to move our curriculum forward.  But I also will share some wonderful video links, music to listen to, songs to sing, and general inspiration.  Keep your family's spirits up. 

    Let me start with my favorite Aretha Franklin performance.

    Spirit In the Dark


    Be inspired with hope with Bob Marley.

    New 4.14.2020 :  Three Little Birds

    There will be more added occasionally.  Check back soon!

    Also, click on Class Resources for music links of  interactive fun!

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  • Welcome to the Music Room!

    At Bach School we rejoice in the development of the child's voice!  We do lots of vocal play, making silly sounds, and experimenting with voices.  This has proven to support courage and creativity in our singers!  

    Also in music class we dance, play instruments, and use dramatic play to express musically.  We learn to read music: developing rhythmic and melodic notation literacy.  We learn the historical and social contexts of music all over our world.  We focus on the power of music and how music has been used to further the development of humanity.  

    We are fortunate to have great instrument sets at Bach School including a large set of West African drums (Tubanos, Djembes) and hand percussion.  We also have recorders for Fourth Grade student use; although most students prefer to purchase their own.  

    At Bach School our students have many opportunities to develop performance and public speaking skills.  Bach students participate in many evening performances for their families to attend.  Sometimes our students participate in choral concerts, "inform-ances", or even musicals.  In addition, we assemble as a community to celebrate the first day of school, Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the and last day of school.  At these assemblies we use music to establish traditions that bind us together.  Some students take leadership roles with speaking parts or solos.     

    For the pinnacle Fifth Grade year, our students have a BIG Music Night that includes an Instrumental concert  and a "choral experience" as taste of the middle school experience.  

    Why do Bach students do so much? An assortment of reasons: 

    1. To give kids the opportunity to shine in ways they never get to in the classroom.  The students redefine how others see them, in a positive, creative, and non-academic way.
    2. To create a ground swell of support from the community.
    3. To build community.
    4. To create memories of these performances with joy and pride.  
    5. To inspire GROWTH in our musicians with the heightened stakes of performance.
    6. To boost participation in music class.
    7. To provide EQUITY in performance opportunities for all.