• The 2019-2020 5th-grade math Acceleration Application will open on April 8, 2019, and close at 3 pm on April 30, 2019.  

    Information Nights:  March 20, 2019, 6 pm Huron Auditorium and April 2, 2019, 6 pm in Huron Auditorium

    It was highly recommended that any parent who is considering this option for their child attend one of the two meetings which will be held before the application opens.  Criteria of who should apply, changes in the program, directions on how to complete the application, and the stated deadlines are covered in the presentation.  Families who apply outside of the deadline and/or do not submit all the materials requested will be denied.

     6th Grade Online Math for 5th Graders 

    A2 Virtual+ is excited to be able to offer 5th-grade students access to an online Math 6 course in place of their 5th-grade math course.  The requirements of this opportunity are explained in the information evenings.  The application will be posted beginning April 8, 2019, after 11 am and will close on April 30, 2019,  at 3 pm.  All materials need to be received by the Math Committee c/o Cindy Leaman no later than 3 pm on May 3, 2019. All information regarding how to apply, what to include, and where to send the application was included in the presentation.

    Criteria for acceptance into 2019-2020 Accelerated Online Math for 5th Graders

    A student must meet the following minimum requirements:

    • Parent must complete Online Learner Readiness Rubric and return with Application     Online Readiness Rubric Link

    • Reading level (925 Lexile) (level S - textbook on the 4th-grade report card in Spring 2019)

    • NWEA Spring 2019 Math Score will need to be within the top 10% of Ann Arbor Public School 4th grade students.

      (For reference: the top 10% of 4th-grade students during Spring 2018 had an NWEA Math score of 240 or better.  We found that students who fall outside the top 10% are not as successful.  This score is a strong indicator.)   A review is also made of the student’s NWEA in 2nd and 3rd grade to see the pattern of scoring holds true.  Remember the spring 2019 NWEA score is required and all students who apply must take this test.  AA Open students need to contact the principal to make arrangements for taking the spring NWEA.  The NWEA score weighs heavily in the decision as the majority of the grades earned in this program come from tests.  Students who are not yet good test takers should wait.

    • M-Step scores in math need to be high.

    • Student report card should have marks in grade 4, especially Math, that reflect a high meeting of standards

    • Social maturity and ability to work independently are critical.  The Learning/Social Behavior Section of the report card is reviewed.  Students should have a mark of "3,4" in all areas.  

    • The current 4th-grade teacher will be asked to complete a confidential developmental readiness survey.

    • The student will need to complete a self-reporting developmental readiness survey.

    • Required: provide evidence or discuss other extended math activities that the student participated in either at school or outside of the school day. (examples may include Kumon, Kangaroo Math, Academic Games, etc.)  The intent of this requirement is to ensure that students have an interest in math beyond only what is given in class.  The committee is not looking for anything specific but expects all students to submit something.

    Once accepted, students must follow the Math Acceleration Guidelines.