• Revised May 2019 

    Students Accelerating in Online Math Guidelines


    Acceleration is defined as any student who takes a math course at least one year above his/her grade level or any student wishing to complete more than one year of math in a single school year.  Math Acceleration is not an option for students attending high school.


    Students must complete all of the below, in the order presented, before advancing to the next course:

    • ALEKS topic mastery of 100% at completion of course material
    • All projects and discussions must be satisfactorily completed per instructor (location:  Moodle Classroom)
    • Signed Topic Review Checklist must be completed and turned in at the time of proctoring
    • Proctored ALEKS Midterm Test with a score greater or equal to 90%
    • ALEKS Final Test with a score greater or equal to 90%
    • Proctored District End-of-Course Common Assessment (at end of semester 2 for Math 6 and Math 7 and every term for High School Classes with a score greater or equal to 80%)


    If a student receives less than 90% on the ALEKS Midterm or Final:

    • The student will go back and review all topics in ALEKS
    • Once Topic Mastery is complete student will retake the test
    • Retake score will be capped at 90%
    • Only one retake test will be allowed
    • There must be a minimum of 7 hours of review and one week of study in order to retake the test.
    • If a student receives less than 90% on the second attempted ALEKS Test, a conference between parent, student, online math teacher, and A2Virtual+ Principal will need to be scheduled.

    Students will only have one opportunity to retake the ALEKS Assessments and need to be prepared.  There are no opportunities to retake the District Common Assessment for any class. Students are not to enter into the testing session “to see what I know”.   


    Students are expected to work at their own pace while not rushing through work and making “silly mistakes”. Students are expected to contact the instructor and/or attend the weekly drop-in center should the need for help arise.  Any time there is a gap in time between steps; it is expected that the student will go into the current course and review topics. Weekly testing options are posted in advance so parents can plan attendance. Always verify on A2Virtual+ calendar that the session is open in case there is a school closing or holiday.  


    When students are accelerating in math, it is important to consider the full picture and think of math courses through high school.  We have two recommendations:

    • limit to a maximum of two years of math accomplished in one year
    • accelerated math students be in the classroom beginning with Geometry AC.  Linked is a parent math course sequence guide


    It is always at the discretion of A2Virtual+ as to whether a student has sufficient time to advance to the next course and still be able to complete the full term.  The decision is based on previous progress during the year. Students who do not advance to the next level will be placed in a math enrichment module.