• Online learning can be puzzling the first time



    Does online learning puzzle you?  Are you having difficulty understanding how the system works or what your child should be doing?  Look through the various links and information which are provided to help in understanding.   It is our hope that you completed the Online Readiness Rubric with your child before you fill out the registration form for enrollment.  If you didn't you can access the form here.  Lastly, you should review our FAQ to see if your question has already been posted.  If you still have questions, we suggest that you set up an appointment with the student's teacher (which can be found in PowerSchool).  Due to the fact that our instructors cover 30 schools, we do not participate in the building based parent-teacher conferences.  However, our instructors provide an opportunity for conferences each week at the drop-in center and by appointment.  A2 Virtual+ always recommends that an appointment is made for parent-teacher conferences even during the drop-in center so that appropriate time can be given to student progress and reduce the wait time.  If you still have questions after communicating with the instructor, please don't hesitate to contact Cindy Leaman, Principal.