• Student Expectations:

    Students are expected to attend an orientation at the beginning of each term.

    Students are expected to work consistently online; five days a week and complete the course by the posted end date of the term.

    Students are expected to advocate for themselves with the teacher located in PowerSchool.

    Students are expected to complete the Weekly Check-in every Wednesday between 8 am and 11:55 pm.

    Students are expected to review all graded assignments that have been returned and be available to converse with the instructor.  Students are expected to turn in assignments within a week of the pacing chart.  If students fall behind pacing there is usually no penalty for late work but they might not get timely feedback from the instructor.  The last two weeks of the term teachers are not required to return work before the term ends.  This does not apply to Advanced Placement students who are penalized if work is not submitted on time (refer to course requirements for further details).

    Students are expected to be honest and do their own work.

    Students are expected to have a mid-point, final, and district common assessment (if available) proctored for each class, each term. (waived for 21-22 School Year)

    Students are expected to attend the drop-in Zoom Office hours for help when needed.

    Students are expected to persevere through assignments and only use Office hours for topics they tried but don't understand.

    Students are expected to show their parents the online grade book and give them user access to the course.

    Students are expected to take all district tests including the pre and post-Student Learning Outcome tests.


    Parent Expectations:

    Parents are expected to attend an orientation at least once a year.

    Parents are expected to use the A2Virtual+ webpage to find resources and answers to questions.

    Parents are expected to encourage their children to stay on pace and submit the Weekly Moodle Check-in.

    Parents are expected to let their children advocate with the instructor.

    Parents are expected to review, with their child, the online grading book once a week.


    Staff Expectations:

    Staff is expected to have regular, documented, and ongoing instructive interaction with the student.  

    Staff is expected to answer emails within 24 hours Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

    Staff is expected to grade assignments with instructive comments and return to students within one week. The exception is the last two weeks of the course.  Assignments turned in during the final two weeks of the course are not expected to be returned until after the term.

    Staff is expected to update PowerSchool weekly.

    Staff is expected to inform students and parents when the student is two weeks or more behind pace.

    Staff is expected to meet with students during posted office hours for arranged direct instruction and course discussions.