2021-2022 Virtual Instruction Guidance for Families of Students with IEPs

  • Guidance for Students with IEPs 

    Enrolled in A2V+ Asynchronous Secondary

    As the challenges of the pandemic continue to impact our families, the Ann Arbor Public Schools has worked to create virtual learning options for our students. We recognize that families may choose a virtual option due to health and safety concerns. Ann Arbor Public Schools strives to ensure all students have access and opportunity, support our families in making the best choice for their students and yet we also understand that the virtual environment may not be the most effective or appropriate modality for students to access the depth and breadth of their support services. Because participation in a virtual program will, in almost every case, differ significantly from the services described in the IEP, our families should understand that selection of the virtual option will likely require a GFECLP.  We want our families to have a clear understanding of the nature of A2 Virtual+ instruction to make the best decisions for their students.

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    A2 Virtual Asynchronous Secondary

    Electing to enroll a student into virtual instruction is a deeply personal and family-driven decision.  To assist with your planning, it is our hope that you complete the Online Readiness Rubric with your child before you consider registering for enrollment and/or continuing in classes this semester.  Families can access the form HERE.  Lastly, families can review the A2+V FAQ  for additional information. 

    Virtual courses are designed as independent learning pathways, requiring students to navigate pace, progress and lessons on their own. Each course has an instructor assigned who provides feedback on student independent work, interacts with the student on a weekly basis, and is available to answer questions regularly.  However, the instructor does not provide direct instruction and will not be providing individual lessons to a student on a regular basis. Students must be able to access the courses on their own and do much of the work without teacher support.  Virtual learning is not for everyone.  Successful virtual learners are able to learn on their own, pace their learning and navigate systems independently. Students and teachers are required to communicate weekly in the virtual learning program. 

    Please see the  A2Virtual Parent/Guardian/Student Handbook for more information. Also, see the A2Virtual IEP/504 Guidelines

    How Will Special Education Services be provided? 

    • Full-time A2+Virtual 6th-12th:  Services will be provided synchronously by a designated resource teacher and the ancillary staff.  The designated resource teacher will be the student case manager during virtual programming.  
    • Part-time A2+Virtual 6th-12th: Services will be provided by staff at their home school when students are in-person. The student’s home case manager will remain the case manager during virtual programming. 

     How will special education initial eligibility evaluations be conducted?

    The evaluation process is critical in determining our supports for students and we take that responsibility very seriously.  Evaluations will be conducted in-person by home school teams. In order to perform quality evaluations, we ask that families agree to in-person evaluations.  Every effort will be made to fulfill the COVID safety protocols. If,  for health reasons, families are unable to appear with students in person, we ask that families provide a doctor's note indicating that the student is unable to be in an in-person, in a one-to-one environment with an assessment professional. In these rare cases, IEP teams will connect with families about next steps, understanding that this may delay the process. 

    Virtual Instruction Contacts

    Question about Special Education services for (6-12) A2V+:  

    Janine Harper, SISS Assistant Director; harperj@aaps.k12.mi.us

    Sarah Pope, SISS Assistant Director; popes@aaps.k12.mi.us

    Questions about Secondary (6-12) A2V+:  

    Anthony Lauer; lauera@aaps.k12.mi.us