Our Staff

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    Wendi Allen

    Secretary to the Dean

    email: parksw


    Tracy Anderson

    Advanced Journalism, 20th Century Popular Literature, Introduction to Literature,
    email: andersont
    Tracy Anderson

    Tracy has been teaching high school since 1997. She is the adviser for "The Communicator" online and print editions, which are student-run publications that have won numerous state and national awards. She also teaches Intro to Literature, Poetry, Modern Readings, Journalism I, Advanced Journalism, and Forum. Tracy loves to spend time with her family, bake cookies, and travel. She co-authored two books that are published by Heinemann: They Still Can't Spell? and Purposeful Writing. Neither of them have been made into movies. Her right arm is significantly stronger than her left thanks to all of the papers that she grades.


    Sara Blake

    Teaching Assistant
    email: blakes

    John Boshoven

    email: boshoven
    John Boshoven
    I have been a happy counselor serving at the middle school and high school level in Ann Arbor for over 25 years. I also serve as the AAPS Counselor Department Chair, where I plan and organize professional development and enrichment activities for the counselors from middle and high school. I am available to help students and families with high school orientation, personal counseling, class scheduling, college counseling and system support.

    Cherie Charbeneau

    Standardized Test Supervisor
    email: charbeneau
    Cherie Charbeneau
    I have worked as the Test Supervisor for the last 13 years at CHS. While I am not particularly fond of standardized tests, I do love working with high school students. I substitute teach throughout the building when I am not administering a test. I find it most helpful when advocating for our students who need accommodations. Working with our students is invigorating and always interesting. I never cease to be amazed at the creativity expressed by our teens and love coming to work every day!

    Steve Coron

    Digital Photography,
    Italian Art & Culture, Photography/Film,
    Advanced Art/Portfolio Development, Forum
    email: coron
    Steve Coron
    I have had the distinct privilege of teaching at Community since 2003, and have served as a teacher in the Ann Arbor schools since 1989. I previously taught kindergarten and pre-school for the University of Michigan. I currently teach classes in photography, drawing and painting, open studio, Italian Art and Culture, and Advanced Art/Portfolio Development, and sometimes I help with the Yearbook. I have a wonderful Forum group that makes me smile and laugh every day! I am a practicing artist, currently working on a body of photographic pieces based on how humans interact with landscape. I am a native of the Upper Peninsula, and presently live in Ypsilanti with my wife Karie and two children, Philip and Julia, and our German Shepherd sisters.

    Kevin Davis

    Community Assistant 
    email: davisk

     Judith Dewoskin

    American Literature, Forum
    email: dewoskin
    Judith Dewoskin
    Judith is the matriarch of CHS, having taught here 31 years. She teaches a variety of literature and writing courses. Hobbies include reading, cooking, dancing, and quilting. Family includes three grown children, four grandchildren, and a husband of 50 years!

    Dianne Dudley

    Personal Fitness, A2 Virtual, Forum
    email: dudleyd
    Dianne Dudley I love teaching Fitness and Forum at Community High School. I appreciate using the community as an extended classroom. My students enjoy some of our class activities at the Arboretum, Argo Pond Loop, Wheeler Park, and the cascades.

    Gretchen Eby

    Counseling Office Secretary
    email: ebyg
    Gretchen Eby Gretchen has been the Counseling Office Secretary since 2015 and feels fortunate to be working at such a fantastic school. She has three sons who all are CHS graduates. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with family and friends, travel, run, knit, sew, and read.

    Mohamed El-Hussieny

    Algebra II, Math Analysis
    email: elhussim
    My name is Mohamed El-Hussieny but everyone around here calls me Moe. I've been at CHS for six years and I'm grateful to work in such an amazing environment. I have taught a range of mathematics courses at all grade levels and have also been a Forum leader during my time here. I believe in making connections with students and am committed to helping them grow both personally and academically.

    Elena Barillas Flores

    Mixed Media, Ceramics,
    Graphic Design, Forum
    email: flores
    Elena Flores
    Since September of 2007, I have had the good fortune to teach visual art at Community. Over the years, I have enjoyed and encouraged the high level of creativity and talent of our students. I take pride in creating a studio environment that fosters individual explorative thinking as well as providing a curriculum that assists in the development of artistic skills and aesthetics.

    Cindy Haidu-Banks

    U.S. History, Community Resource, Forum
    email: banksc
    I came into the teaching profession in the middle of my life and have been teaching at CHS for 15 years. I feel fortunate to teach at Community where a critical look at the history of our country is valued and not feared. I try to balance my critical approach with celebrating the tremendous advances our country has experienced in its quest for a democratic nation. I value the tradition of oral history and encourage my students to explore and value the unique experiences of their family members. I admire the historian Howard Zinn for his courage to write A People's History of the United States, and use his text for my class. My passion is Native American history and culture; this was my concentration as an undergrad at U of M. I have a Master's in teaching and am a life long learner and lover of history. I appreciate the knowledge my students bring to my class. I love being a mother and grandmother. I garden, camp, value art and music, read all the historic markers I see, and gaze at stars.

    Keely Hoffman

    email: hoffmank
    Keely Hoffman  

     Brandon Jackson

    U.S. History, World History
    email: jacksonb

    Janelle Johnson

    Community Resource, Forum
    email: johnsonja
    I was born and raised in Ann Arbor and I am a former Pioneer. I have been teaching in AAPS for 10 years and I absolutely love it! My first degree is in advertising and, after a short nine months, I decided to go back to college to become a teacher. It was one of the best decisions that I made!

     Matthew Johnson

    Introduction to Literature,
    Art of Writing, American Literature,
    email: johnsonm
    Though Matt only officially became a Rainbow Zebra in 2014, he has been a longtime fan of Community High School. As an Ann Arbor student, he took classes and CRs through CHS and in 2006 he sought out CHS for his student teaching. At CHS he teaches The Art of Writing, Harlem Renaissance Literature, and Intro to Literature. He is also the advisor for the Diversity Council and leader of the amazing Johnson Forum. Along with that, he is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Lewis & Clark College, the author of Finding Success the First Year: A Survivor's Guide for New Teachers, and the cofounder of the Mindful Writing program.

    Amy Jones

    Teacher Consultant

    email: jonesa


    Jayme Kelmigian

    Community Ensemble Theatre Co-sponsor

    email: kelmigianj


    Courtney Kiley

    Ecology, Foundations of Science (FOS) I & II,
    Ecology, Forum
    email: kileyc
    Courtney Kiley
    Born and raised in Ann Arbor, I always wanted to go to Community. That didn't quite pan out in high school, so I feel fortunate to have been hired to teach science here at CHS. I love working with such inspiring colleagues and students! Outside of school, I love spending time outside with my family.

    Brett Kilgore

    email: kilgorer
    Brett kilgore
    After a year of student teaching with Chloe Root and Anne Thomas, I am delighted to return this year as Community’s Economics teacher. Community’s hard-working, thoughtful, and creative students are a great group to work with. When I am not in the classroom, I try to make the most of my time with my wife and son. As U of M grads, we love living in Ann Arbor, but also enjoy finding any and all excuses to travel.

    Pam Kirchen

    Independent Learning Center (ILC)
    email: kirchen
    I have been a staff member at Community for over 20 years and a proud member of the Ann Arbor Public Schools for nearly 30 year. I am married and have two children, both graduates of CHS. I work in the Individualized Learning Center (ILC), an academic support center.

    Ed Kulka

    Computers, Math Analysis,
    Geometry, Forum
    email: kulka
    I am a Forum leader and a math teacher. I have taught a little of everything over the years.

    George Lancaster

    Engineering, Computer Science
    email: lancasterg
    George Lancaster This is my second year teaching at Community. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I spent the next ten years as a design and project engineer of automotive safety products, primarily steering wheels and airbags. I then returned to school to earn a teaching certificate and have been teaching high school math and physics for the past 14 years. I am looking forward to combining those two careers and teaching Engineering (Project Lead the Way) this year and Computer Science.

     Laurel Landrum

    Spanish 2, 3, & 4
    email: landruml

    Spanish 3 website

    Laurel Landrum
    I love teaching Spanish at Community! I believe in promoting communicative competence and cultural awareness through task-based activities in my classroom. I feel lucky to be teaching such great kids in such a great school. I am an AAPS alum and I feel fortunate to be raising my daughter near my family in my hometown. Outside of Spanish, my interests include reading, traveling, and spending time with the people I care about.

    Craig Levin

    Geometry, Community Resource, Forum
    email: levin


    Craig Levin
    Craig has been teaching math at Community since 1999. He works diligently to support all his students through their trials and tribulations throughout their math career. In addition to teaching math, Craig also functions as the Community Resource liaison for math and science. Originally from Chicago where he taught for CPS a few years, he just loves Community and has made solid roots here in treetown with his wife, Gabrielle, and girls, Ariana and Skye.

    Kristie Linton

    Teacher Consultant

    email: lintonk


    Maneesha Mankad

    Algebra II, Finance, Forum
    email: mankadm
    Maneesha Mankad
    I have been teaching at Community High School since 2014. I am excited about being a part of a professional community that values personal relationships and invests in the academic, emotional, and social growth of our students. I teach Algebra 2, Finance, Statistics and Decision Making, and Math Support, in addition to being a Forum leader. I am passionate about making mathematics education relevant and equitable for all students. I love theater, music, dance, and reading, and I teach dance in my spare time.

    Marcy McCormick

    Foundations of Science (FOS) I & III
    email: mccormick
    Marcy McCormick
    Marcy has been teaching science for 13 years and this is her fourth year teaching at Community. She couldn't be happier being a Rainbow Zebra! She has taught FOS 1, FOS 2, and FOS 3 and loves the Foundations of Science curriculum. She feels very lucky that she gets to work every day with such an incredible group of students and colleagues. When Marcy isn't teaching, she really enjoys being outdoors, staying active by playing Ultimate Frisbee on a club team, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

    Ken McGraw

    World Literature,
    Introduction to Literature, Forum
    email: mcgraw
    Ken McGraw
    Ken teaches World Literature, Creative Writing, Science Fiction and Fantasy, and Forum.

    Jason McKnight

    Latin I & II, Advanced Latin Poetry
    email: mcknight
    Jason has been teaching all levels of Latin at Community High since 2002. His interests include classical rhetoric and translating Latin lyric poetry. When he isn't at school, he loves spending time with his family, cooking, hiking, gardening, and reading. He is currently teaching Latin I, Latin II, and Advanced Latin Poetry (Catullus).

    Robert Morgan

    English, Forum
    email: morganr
    Robert Morgan
    This is my third year as a CHS teacher. While I previously taught World History, I now teach a variety of English elective classes. I am so happy to be here at CHS and look forward to educating our next generation as to why literature is just so dang neat!

    Danelle Mosher

    French II, French Literature/Conversation,
    Community Resource
    email: mosher
    Danelle Mosher
    I've been teaching French and Forum and monitoring CRs at CHS for since 1994 and am very happy to be here. In addition to teaching French, I run the Community Resource department, lead Forum, and advise Service Club. I have three children, ages 19, 16, & 14, and a husband who is a teacher in the district as well. Outside of teaching, I love to travel, knit, read, garden, and spend time with my family.

    Julieanne Muir

    School Social Worker
    email: muir

    Jen Niner

    American Sign Language
    email: postj

    I love teaching American Sign Language (ASL) and am very excited to be teaching at Community for a second year. ASL is my first language—both of my parents are deaf. I love being able to share my knowledge of ASL with my students. I have been in Ann Arbor Public Schools for 10 years and have been teaching ASL online for the past 5 years. I got married in the summer of 2016 and had a name change (it used to be Post). I enjoy vacations, especially going camping with our new camper.


    Brice O'Neal

    Community Ensemble Theatre Technical Director

    email: briceoneal at gmail dot com

    Brice O'Neal This is my eighth year as Technical Director for CHS and Community Ensemble Theatre. This is my fifth year teaching a technical theatre CR. Theatre is a passion of mine, having done educational and professional theatre for over 35 years. In addition to CHS, I serve as a theatre educator for the teen tech troupe at Ann Arbor Civic Theatre. My wife Deb and I are proud parents of two Community High alumni. I feel blessed to serve the students at Community and walk a little of their journey with them.

    Melissa Poli

    Yoga Fitness
    email: polim

    Katie Richardson

    Independent Learning Center (ILC)
    email: richardk
    Katie Richardson
    I have been working in Ann Arbor Public Schools for eight years, but this is my first year at Community. I feel so grateful to work with such an amazing staff and wonderful students! I encourage a home and school connection. I pride myself in my ability to form meaningful connections with students and their families to foster student growth. I am committed to supporting students' needs and helping them gain access to the core curriculum.

    Chloe Root

    Economics, Gender Studies, U.S. History,
    email: rootc
    Chloe Root
    This is my 8th year teaching in AAPS and I am so lucky to be here. This is my 7th year teaching at Community, but we go way back. Our previous adventures together include my being a high school student, a student teacher, and a part time teacher. I teach U.S. History, Government, Gender Studies, Law, Mock Trial (8-time State Champs!), and my beloved and entertaining Forum. I'm also lucky enough to get to be the staff advisor for the QSA (Queer Straight Alliance) and ACE (Advocates for Change & Equality). I believe that Community is one of the best high schools in the world, and even the toughest days here are marked by the kindness, creativity, and hilarity of the students and staff. After graduating from Community, I attended Brown University and the University of Michigan, where I received my Bachelor's degree in History and Gender Studies and my Master's degree in Education.  I live with my wonderful roommate, Aiden, owner of Mudpuddles toy store in Kerrytown, and our sweet dog (Carmen), and sweet cats (Leo and Myles).  I am grateful to have our families in town.

    Katy Sanderson

    Records Clerk, Scheduling and CR Secretary
    email: sandersk

    Margot Schapiro

    Speech and Language Pathologist

    email: schapiro


    Jeri Schneider

    School Librarian
    email: schneidj
    Jeri Schneider
    Jeri is the librarian at Community. Her love affair with libraries began in 1986 when, while studying history, she became a clerk/driver of the bookmobile for the Ann Arbor Public Library. Since then she has earned teaching certification and a Master's in the Science of Information from U of M. In addition to running the library, promoting reading, and teaching information skills, she advises Book Club. Away from work, Jeri enjoys hanging out with friends and family, reading, running, biking, canoeing, and teaching vegan cooking classes. Her current favorite quote is: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." (Wayne Gretzky)

    John Spisak

    Teaching Assistant



    Robbie Stapleton

    Personal Conditioning, Health & Wellness,
    email: stapleto
    Robbie Stapleton
    Years at CHS: Quite a few (since 1987)
    Favorite quote: "If you think you can or you think you can't, you're right."
    Love to: run, hike, teach, knit, and read
    Plan to: hike in all the national parks (20 so far)
    Philosophy: Work hard. It's fun!

    Elizabeth Stern

    Foundations of Science (FOS) I & III,
    Forensics, Forum
    email: stern
    Liz Stern
    I have worked at Community my entire career. I love teaching science with fabulous colleagues to engaging students.

    Ellen Stone

    Individualized Learning Center (ILC)
    email: stone
    Ellen Stone
    I have taught at Community since 1997. I love working with my students in the ILC (Individualized Learning Center, also known as Academic Support). I co-teach Intro to Lit. in the fall and a poetry class in the spring with Tracy Anderson. Additionally, I advise the CHS Poetry Club. I have a chapbook of poetry, The Solid Living World, published in 2013. I was lucky to have two of my three daughters graduate from CHS. Whatever I do, I try to teach with joy and a passion for life. I am blessed to be a teacher at this wonderful school.

    Quinn Strassel

    Acting, Community Ensemble Theatre (CET) Director
    email: strassel
    Quinn Strassel
    I have been teaching at Community since 2010, where I also direct the Community Ensemble Theatre (CET). I feel so lucky to be working my dream job, teaching theatre classes and directing an afterschool theatre program. I currently teach at Community, Clague, and Pathways to Success. I have been teaching for ten years--seven in Ann Arbor and three in Brooklyn, NY. I received a BFA in Theatre Performance from U of M in 2001, teaching certification from Eastern Michigan University in 2002, and a Master's Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University in 2007. I have been married for nearly fifteen years and am the proud father of two beautiful children.

    Rick Swilley

    Teaching Assistant



     Kim Tehranipour

    Teaching Assistant
    email: tehranik

    Anne Thomas

    Algebra I, Calculus, Math Support, Forum
    email: thomas
    Anne Thomas
    Anne Thomas has been teaching at CHS for more years than she can count. She loves her job and is fortunate to work with students and staff who share her passion for learning. She is both a Forum leader and a math teacher, as well as a wife and a mother.

    Jonathan Thomas-Palmer

    Foundations of Science (FOS) IV
    email: thomaspalmerj
    Jonathan Thomas-Palmer
    Non-matching sock wearing proud father of two daughters. Part-time high school physics teacher and owner of Flipping Physics®, a one employee business dedicated to providing the world with free, entertaining educational physics videos which anyone can use to learn physics and teachers can use to flip their students’ learning. Devoted husband of substance abuse prevention social worker and incredible wife. Maker and wearer of tie-dyes.

    Jack Wagner

    Jazz I, II, III, IV
    email: wagnerj
    Jack Wagner
    Jack feels so fortunate to be the Jazz Program Director at Community which, to him, is a dream job! Jack has been at CHS since 2008. Jazz performance and pedagogy are his passions, so teaching jazz combos all day to dedicated students is a real delight. The CHS Jazz students are getting hands on experience, playing frequent gigs and concerts. They also get to work with Grammy winners and world-class musicians during CHS Jazz Guest Artist Series master classes, a program Jack began in 2008. Jack loves jazz history and sharing what he knows in this field, and he loves playing his saxophone. Jack recently wrote the jazz and improvisation textbook The Straight Ahead Toolshed: 55 Tools for the Beginning Jazz Musician. Jack lives happily with his wife, Jaimie, and their two children, Natalie and Zachary. They are extremely fun. Jack also likes to run, SCUBA dive, tinker around the house, hike, and camp in the mountains.

    Peter Ways 

    U.S. History
    email: ways
    Peter Ways
    U.S. history teacher at CHS
    Humanities teacher at Ann Arbor Open
    Former CHS Dean
    Former organic farmer
    Graduated East Lansing High School 1979

     Christia West

    Foundations of Science (FOS) II & III, Forum
    email: westch
    Christia West
    Teaching is my passion and I've been fortunate to be a part of the CHS community since 2014. What I enjoy most is getting to know my students through Forum, coaching Team 5708 (Go Zebrotics!), and FOS classes. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time on (and in) the water. I love living in Michigan, and there are still places here I would like to explore in my kayak, or on my bike. My more sedate hobbies include reading, knitting and playing board games

    Brian Williams

    email: willia18
    I have been fortunate to be working as a counselor in Ann Arbor for the past seven years. I am available to help students and families with high school orientation, personal counseling, class scheduling, college counseling, and system support. Please feel free to drop on in, send me an email, or call at anytime.

    Sandra Wong

    email: wongs
    Sandra Wong
    Sandra is a transplant from California, but has been living in Ann Arbor since 2006. She received her doctorate in Educational Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and previously worked for Oakland Public Schools, Ypsilanti Public Schools, and Plymouth-Canton Community Schools. She is excited to be working in Ann Arbor where there is such a diverse and open community and where parents are very invested in their children’s education.

    Nicki Wright

    Book Depository and Attendance Secretary

    email: wrightn


    Olivia Wylie


    email: wylieo

      My name is Olivia Ann Wylie. I have taught Spanish for 30+ years. I have a yellow Lab named Grover who goes to all the home U of M games and wears a cape that says "Coach Harbaugh is Pawsome" (with a paw print)! I was born in Southwest Detroit. I am from a very large family that lives in Ann Arbor. I am Hispanic and went to school in Spain.