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    What is the Comprehensive School Counseling Program?

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    Ann Arbor Public Schools’ Comprehensive School Counseling Program provides the complete support all students need to overcome obstacles and achieve their academic, personal/social and career development objectives.

    The program includes four unique but interconnected components — Guidance Curriculum, Responsive Services, Individual Student Planning and Systems Support — designed to help make the most of each student’s middle and high school experience.

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    Through our Comprehensive Guidance & Counseling Program, all AAPS middle and high school students have access to the attention, support and tools they need to succeed. Our four program components combine classroom instruction, individual counseling and/or intervention, and community/family outreach to maximize student potential and outcomes.

    Guidance Curriculum provides a systematic classroom approach to student development through guidance lessons on:
    • Academic and career planning
    • Social connection and supportive competitiveness
    • Anti-bullying and conflict resolution
    • Transition planning
    • Study habits 

    Responsive Services addresses immediate student concerns (referral or self-initiated) and includes:
    • Crisis counseling
    • Peer programs
    • Dropout prevention/outreach
    • Individual and small group counseling
    • Consultation with parents, school staff, administrators and community agencies
    • Achievement team process
    • Community referrals

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    Individualized Planning helps students identify interests and manage their personal and career development with:
    • Curriculum planning
    • Educational Development Plan (EDP)/career exploration
    • Self-advocacy
    • Social connection

    Systems Support oversees the guidance component and facilitates other school programs through:
    • Guidance needs assessments and program audits
    • Ongoing professional development
    • Community outreach
    • Business partnerships
    • Parent education meetings

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    At Ann Arbor Public Schools, our counselors are proud of their continued commitment to all middle and high school students. Each is dedicated to helping students prepare for tomorrow, guiding them toward what is possible from an academic, personal and career perspective. Students, in turn, learn important life skills for the future.

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    AAPS counselors facilitate healthy student development by serving as:

    • Leaders who promote comprehensive guidance and counseling services, and share valuable information and skills that contribute to a positive school experience overall.
    • Counselors who provide direct support services to students through individual and small group meetings, crisis intervention and classroom guidance in cooperationwith teaching staff.
    • Consultants who collaborate with teachers, parents, administrators, teacher assistants, the school nurse, outside agency personnel and others to determine how best to address student needs and facilitate healthy development.
    • Coordinators who manage referrals to outside agencies, support school-community partnerships and arrange in-school counseling such as advisor-advisee, student assistance and peer counseling.