• Weekly Drop-In Center


    Tuesday Help and Proctoring Center:

    (proctoring and help session) at Skyline School is from 4:30-7 pm on Tuesday Evenings

    The Skyline Drop-In Center will be closed the following dates:

    Nov. 5- Election Day, all AAPS schools are closed

    Nov. 26 - Thanksgiving Break

    Winter Break:  December 24 and December 31

    March 10 - Election Day, all AAPS schools are closed

    March 31 - Spring break

    May 5- Election Day, all AAPS schools are closed


    Thursday Morning Proctoring-

    The center is located in the Balas Building, 2555 S. State St.  Please enter at the main entrance.  Students are to arrive between 7:15 am - 8:15 am.  A return to school note will be provided for the students but it is the student's responsibility to check that they are not missing any tests or presentations that will not be excused.  

    The Balas Drop-In Center will be closed the following dates:

    Nov. 28 Thanksgiving Day

    December 26,  and January 2, 2020.  

    April 2, Spring Break

    No appointment is necessary.  Students may come at any time to either session.  It is the responsibility of the student and parent to check that all class requirements have been completed and submitted prior to testing.   If there is a question as to whether everything is complete, please contact the instructor before attending.

    All proctoring dates, times, and locations can be found on our proctoring calendar on our homepage.  Any time a proctoring center has to be closed it will be announced on our homepage.

    Students now sign the following statement when proctoring that alerts to our policy on academic dishonesty:

    At the end of the proctoring session, computer history will be reviewed. Any history that was erased will be treated the same as a history that shows students veered off the testing site.  Both cases will result in the student receiving a zero for the assessment and a meeting will be held with my parents.


    If I have to leave the room during a proctoring session, I will give the proctor my cell phone until I return.  I also understand that I need to return to proctoring quickly because some of the tests will time-out and because the time I am away is part of a timed test allotment.

    For more information on plagiarism visit our policy page.


    General Testing Information

    Other proctoring times can be found on our proctoring calendar.

    We do offer the opportunity to proctor at each middle and high school.  The days for each school are set for the term and notice is given to the student and parent.  At the high schools, priority will be given to AP students as they are required to have every test proctored.  The building liaison assigned to the school usually has five computers available on a first-come-first-serve basis each hour.   There is no promise to proctor students at a building.  If a student cannot be proctored at their building they are required to attend a session either before or after school.  

    Students who are allotted extra time to test should attend a session outside of the school day. We do not allow students to miss an in-building class to continue with testing and many of our tests cannot be started and then finished later.  The evening proctoring ends at 7 PM so if a student wants to start earlier than 4:30 pm, the student or parent should contact Cindy Leaman at least 24 hours before attending so that accommodations can be made.  

    Students are NOT allowed to take a proctored exam during the school day in any building other than their home building.

    District Common Assessments are timed and require 105 minutes (1 hour and 45 minutes).  These are timed tests that students must be given the opportunity to work for the full-time limit.  Therefore, all common assessments will need to be taken outside of the school day and the dedicated online period.  Students with a 504 or IEP that states extended time will need to arrive at the proctoring site by 4:10 pm and begin the test no later than 4:20 pm.

    It is the student/family's responsibility to arrange schedule time and transportation to proctoring sessions.

    Students are NOT allowed to use their own computers, it must be one that belongs to the district.


    Proctored Testing Requirements

    All midterm exams and final exams MUST be proctored. If your class does not have a midterm exam or final exam, your instructor or mentor and you may decide on the unit tests that will be proctored.  Any Ann Arbor Public School course that requires a common assessment will also have this exam proctored.  District required pre/post-tests are also to be proctored.

    At least one test from your class should be proctored by the midpoint point of the course; do not leave all testing to the end of the term.

    Students are required to attend these sessions as part of your online class; one test should be taken before the midpoint and then the final, and Common Assessment if required, before the end of the course.  If the student does not take these tests during a proctored session s/he will receive a grade of zero "0" for the test(s). 

    You may attend any session at any of the schools in the evening or after school.  Please bring your school ID with you.  
    When you enter the testing center, you will show your ID, sign in and then go to a computer and log into your class. You do not need to sign up or tell us which day you will be attending.  However, during heavily attended sessions, such as the final weeks of a term or school year, students might have to wait for a computer to become available.  It is always best to arrive early for the proctoring session.

    Please note that you may not miss a class to attend a proctored test session nor are students allowed to go to another school during the day.

    Proctors will record the computer and the time the session began for each student.   At the end of the proctoring session, computer history will be reviewed. Any history that was erased will be treated the same as a history that shows students veered off the testing site.  Both cases will result in the student receiving a zero.  

    Students who show a significant grade difference between proctored exams and homework will have the entire grade book reviewed.  A meeting and/or additional steps will be required.  There is a possibility that the student can fail the course.